Today’s Most Useful Tech News from INT.
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Today’s Most Useful Tech News from INT.

By Mainak Biswas August 29, 2016 - 725 views
  1. Google Clamps Down on Pop-up Ads

 Google will soon penalize marketers who use annoying pop-up ads on mobile, ads that entirely cover the main content and make it hard for you to dismiss.  In order to make mobile surfing experience more pleasant, Google is also removing mobile-friendly label from search results.  #mobile #sem

  1. Write Perfect Emails with Artificial Intelligence

 A new AI-powered tool called Respondable will enable you to write messages in a tone that readers will like to read. The tool analyzes your messages while you write them and predicts when you need to respond to a particular message. What more could you ask for?  #ai

  1. Virtual Game Play to Become More Exciting

 Using hands in virtual reality will become far more user-friendly with this breakthrough in hand-tracking technology. The technology introduced by Leap Motion, released a beta version of their Interaction Engine that will enable developers to design sophisticated VR environments.  #vr

  1. Facebook Might Annoy Users Further

 Videos in your news feed will auto-play with sound on, if this test is successful.  Currently, users need to tap on the video to turn on the sound.  Facebook wants to understand whether users will like this big change.  Looks like, a lot of people will get angry soon. #social 

  1. Save it for Later on Pinterest

 Pinterest is acquiring Instapaper, that magical app which brought readability to desktops, mobile devices and to our own minds. The new feature will allow users to easily save content for later reading and recommend content based on user liking.  #social

  1. Enhancing Wireless Communication With Chaotic Sound

Can chaotic sound signals be used to transmit information efficiently over a wireless channel? This research promises enhanced wireless communication security and a lot more, with the help of, well, chaos.  #technology #communication

  1. Cut Like a Pro With This AR Power Cutter

An augmented reality power cutter tool by Shaper will help you craft exactly the way you want to, even if you are new to this craft. The tool uses a set of visual markers that automatically corrects your cut and retract if you go wrong. AR is heating up. #ar



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