back, a cloud based tax filing application launched by Indus Net Technologies(INT.) and Taxmantra
Technology, a cloud based tax filing application launched by Indus Net Technologies(INT.) and Taxmantra

By Mainak Biswas September 25, 2015 - 1,001 views

Payment of tax helps every citizen to participate in the contribution towards national income and consequently in the appraisal of the national economy. Filing of Income Tax Return (ITR) provides legality to what we are earning and whether we are paying tax on it or not. However, there are a lot of confusions and over-lapping information with regards to who shall file Income Tax Returns and what is the due date for filing those returns?

Launch of “MakeYourTax” Software

To help every organization, Chartered Accountants, Consultants, and Individual taxpayers overcome such challenges, Indus Net Technologies(INT.) and TaxMantra jointly initiated an online tax return preparation and filing software – for businesses, individuals and professionals. It is an easy and reasonable tax filing solution that allows taxpayers and tax consultants to prepare and file tax returns quickly,easily and anytime and from anywhere. The whole application is cloud based and provides the convenience of multi-user access to tax returns offering complete flexibility between the tax payer and the tax consultant. It also provides white label tax filing portals to employees working in major corporate. It is extremely competitive as per the price is concerned and provides a host of values and added services including “assisted tax filing” especially when someone needs expert advice.

Key Features of the Solution

  • MakeYourTax cash back offer is unique in the sense that this is one of the first offers that is introduced with regards to Income Tax Return Filing. This offer would provide rewards in the form of cash back to the users who would use this application to file their returns.
  •  MakeYourTax is offering its basic package of “Do It Yourself” Tax Returns at an introductory price of INR 99. Users subscribing to this package would have an option of sharing the application on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. On successful sharing, the user would be rewarded with PayTM cash back of Rs. 100. So, technically users would be filing their returns one rupee less than the package price.
  • This is an introductory offer aiming to promote mass filing of tax returns. The due date of ITR filing for individuals was 07th September, 2015. MakeYourTax cash back offer specifically aims at stimulating those taxpayers who have failed to meet deadlines.

The Software Works with Precision

When it comes to dealing with filing your hard-earned money for Income Tax Return, accuracy is something which every person looks for. Makeyourtax solution ensures every penny is measured with precision, provided all your documents are ready for filing. With its three simple steps and trouble-free navigation, the site allows you to prepare your Income Tax Return file within a wink of an eye. All you need to do is, create a free account, fill up the required details and you’re done with your registration with the website.

Also, the auto-guide system of the site takes you to the right path instead of baffling you with the intricate process of tax return filing unlike other applications. Moreover, the auto-selection of ITR form keeps you away from the confusion of identifying the right form for filing your tax. Once you’re done with the account creation; you can download your tax return file.

MakeYourTax Differentiator


Other Online Applications

Entire gamut of Income Tax Return Filing provided Only basic ITR filing services provided
Suitable for all kinds of businesses. ITR 5 & 6 can   also be availed Not  suited for businesses like private limited companies and LLPs
Provides ITR filing services from ITR 1 to ITR 6 along with various other facilities for client management. Extremely compatible for practicing professionals. Not suitable for professionals like Chartered Accountants and other Tax practitioners
The user-friendly interface makes self filing tax returns easy and comprehensible Do not have user friendly interfaces, especially for first time users
Tax Synopsis Report is easily available for ready reference of users making the process hassle free and easy Tax Synopsis Report not available and hence making the processes cumbersome and less user friendly
Extremely client centric providing 24*7 email and 24*5 phone/WhatsApp support Expert and ready support not available
Absolutely NO NEED of installation Installation and Manual Updating is Mandatory
No bar on number of users and ease of access Hassles related to single user and multi user systems. Has to be installed in separate systems individually and can be accessed only from systems in which the app is installed
Being a cloud based application there are ZERO chances of data corruption Data corruption and hanging of application are common occurrences
The solution is entirely web based cloud application. It is best suited for professionals and  businesses irrespective of their locations

Confined to a physical location and hence not suitable for organizations having multiple offices and bases in different locations

Do you have a lot of questions to ask? Get them answered right away through the website’s ‘support’ page by simply filling up your name, telephone number and email address.You may also send them an email at and get all your queries clarified. You’re one step ahead with to file your Income Tax Return process.

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