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More Visits from London!

By Mainak Biswas February 28, 2007 - 548 views

Last week was a very busy for all of us at INT- Kolkata. We were visited by two distinct clients from London.

First was Malcolm, who was with one of the top insurers in UK and his purpose of visit was to finalize the architecture of the system that we are going to develop for his company. It will be load-balanced, clustered network that will deal with tons of traffic. The system design was bit complicated but in the end we pulled it off well. On a personal note, Malcolm is man who knows his business and his wine very well. He even gave me a crash course on wine tasting. It was a fantastic experience!

Second was Steven. He runs a IT consulting company in the UK and his current project deals with one of the major golf tournament. His purpose of visit was sort out some project issues and finalize the scope of the project. Steven has great sense of humor and its almost impossible not to enjoy his company.

In all the trip for both these gentlemen lasted for 5 days and it was lot of hard work and lot of fun (after work! :D). The only regret remained that we could not find SkySports over here so they had to miss the big Rugby Match. The silver lining with the cloud was that they still got to see the Mens United football match.

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