Retail News Wrap | Weekly Snippets | August

Retail News Wrap | Weekly Snippets | August

By Soumya Banerjee September 01, 2023 - 64 views

✅ Hyundai Home Shopping’s latest breakthrough promises customers real-time 3D images of outfits which will range up to 20 styles in a minute.

✅ Kanine announces its collaboration with Myntra, where it introduced 2,500 distinct products to the Indian market, bringing the world’s trendiest pet fashion brands right to pet owner’s doorstep.

✅ SenSen’s futuristic technology is taking the fight against retail fuel theft to a whole new level by using AI to analyse data from cameras and sensors.

✅ Shopify – The Canadian retail tech platform is revamping the online shopping game with AI technology.

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