Robotics is swiftly transforming our lifestyle & work culture

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Robotics: Not an experiment anymore, its real, it’s here and it’s making things better

By Syed Zainul Haque April 10, 2018 - 1,850 views
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Self-driving cars will continue to depend on Robotics more than ever, to be on the roads as soon as possible. This will also be used to help vehicles communicate with each other in order to avoid accidents and road fatalities. Banking and insurance sector will continue to make self-service aided by artificial intelligence & robotics, mainstream. Other areas which will see an increased use of Robotics are supply chain, manufacturing, agriculture, automation, inventory management, mechanical tasks to robot swarms supporting search and rescue operations.

As the west is celebrating National Robotics Week, here we accumulate some of the interesting inventions & discussions on Robotics creating buzz around the globe.

Robotics is swiftly transforming our lifestyle & work culture and will have more revolutionary impacts in the coming years.

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