Celebrating 25th Year Of INT. Transforming Companies To Tomorrow’s Market Leaders
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Celebrating 25th Year Of INT. Transforming Companies To Tomorrow’s Market Leaders

By Ankan September 27, 2021 - 594 views

To build an iconic brand, one needs to inject the right skills with expertise. In the last 24 years of delivering new-age technology solutions, we have worked with various companies at different business life cycle stages. In the meantime, we have also felt the importance of keeping the solutions aligned with the evolving business needs.

At INT., we have always tried our expertise in diverse projects. Who would have thought that there would be another popular game for visually impaired kids? Or a newly formed business will find its early success by developing an eCommerce application? 

INT. has always offered support to projects that no one believed in. Celebrating the 25th year of INT. wouldn’t have been completed without mentioning these three clients we have collaborated with and brought the best outcome possible. 

Tea People- A Premium Tea Brand

We have a unique bond with the team of Tea People, a speciality tea company that is passionate about spreading the richness of natural, high-quality whole-leaf tea. Their teas range from the finest premium single estate tea to a selection of exquisite blends, flavoured teas and herbal infusions. 

When we were first introduced to the team of Tea People, we were aware of their circumstances. A startup with a dream to cater for the premium tea market with a rich experience. Just like any other startup, Tea People was a low funded project. But they wanted to make their customers aware of their capabilities. Therefore, they decided to build a mobile application that will have a richer look than they are.

“As we were starting from zero, it was important for us to have website which will showcase all our capabilities and make our customers believe that we are capable to deliver what we are promising to. When we needed a website with a modern look and (equipped with) all scalable features that would fit in today’s e-commerce site.Most importantly the amount of confidence we got from INT. team was incomparable to others”. Neeraj Agarwal, Co-Founder of Tea People

Our partnership resulted in a surge in online sales. They have also experienced more visitors from mobile devices, which increased from 30 % to 55% in a year. With a scalable eCommerce platform, INT. provided their customers with an immersive shopping experience. 

Somax Inc Scalable IoT Solution on Cloud

Collaborating with Somax have further enhanced our capabilities to explore a new niche market. They challenged us to build an IoT based scalable solution on the cloud for them. Somax is a software solution provider that specialises in consistently churning out solutions that revolutionise how facilities are maintained. They specialise in advanced maintenance and engineering management, inventory and purchasing management program and information management.

Both teams were new to working with cloud, but at INT., we never take a step back when circumstances challenge us with new-age technology. We have always been relieved to expand our capabilities end to end to serve better. Thus, we took up the project and made their hurdles as our own and started working on it.

“We actually gave INT. a preliminary design of our mobile application and asked for helping us with it and what they gave us was something that has great design which showed their experience and (capabilities) of designing a mobile app.”– Roger Lawton, CEO,

INT. collaborated with the team of Somax and released an upgraded version of the desktop app to a streamlined and powerful sensor-based tool that connected employees, hand-held devices, computers and equipment on the field in real-time. When asked as feedback what they liked most about INT., Roger said

“At the time of crisis when we needed to ramp up our resources quickly, and INT. has always supported us at our problems and thus creating a different type of comfort level. From our point of view, you helped us create value. When we started with a product which barely worked, and now we have a mature product used by thousands of users at hundreds of sites.”

Circus Master Revenge- Game for Visually Impaired

Circus Master Revenge is a project that is close to our hearts. When Joe Quirck, Founder Mental Vision LLC, first narrated the story of the game, we were touched by the thinking process. A game that will provide a chance for visually impaired people to experience just like others. 

Irrespective of the market value of the game, we decided to collaborate with Joe and bring his dream into reality.

When I first started with the ideation of the game, it started with the two page summary where I described how the game should be played. Unfortunately, I failed to find a partner who could help me in building this game. I am not a developer but a story writer. Thus, I searched on LinkedIn and found 4-5 developers I emailed them about my project and they replied that there is no market for this type of game. Luckily I found INT. who offered a hand to support my dream project even though they were new to this format of the game.”– Joe Quirck, Founder, Mental Vision LLC

We created the game engine from scratch. To get real-life experience of the game, our team entered into the darkroom and imagined the game before developing it. The challenge was immense and demanded hard work. After eighteen months of partnership, we came up with circus master revenge. As Joe said,

“My friendly piece of advice to those who dream a project that no one believes in, come to INT. they will go extensive to have your back.”

Later, Circus Master Revenge has won the prestigious AppleVis Golden Apples of 2019. The game has been one of the most downloaded games in this category.

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