“We Win When Our Clients Win”- Top 3 Amazing Success Stories From Our Client
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“We Win When Our Clients Win”- Top 3 Amazing Success Stories From Our Client

By Ankan September 21, 2021 - 593 views

Success has varied definitions for us; it lies under the success of our clients. Therefore on the occasion of completing 24 years in digitising the lives of our clients, we have taken three amazing trailblazing companies and how our partnership has kept both of us relevant in the fast-changing times. 

Three Amazing Partnership Stories To Digitise the World 

Ageas Insurance – Agile Remote Teams For Core Insurance Development

Ageas Insurance, an internationally renowned insurance group with a history of more than 190 years, joined hands with INT. to provide a 360-degree digital transformation of their internal operational platform and enable superior broker and customer experience with the direct, broker, and partner channels.

When Ageas partnered with us, all they asked was to build an immersive experience. Digging deeper, we understood the problem lies elsewhere. They are facing challenges in building interactive design and also a scalable platform. Our high-performance team collaborated with the Ageas team to create a fully customised and immersive ecosystem with robust features such as the end to end management of Midterm management, inbuilt document management system, and many more.

The outcome was massive! Ageas experienced better engagement, more revenue and reduced time to market. Over here, our consultants understood the underlying issues was challenging for us, but it was necessary too. Thus today y solutioning it accurately, we are cherishing the success of Ageas as our success. 

CashPoint – Agile Remote Team and Consulting

Cashpoint Solutions, a European renowned sports betting and gambling company, made the betting experience accessible with INT’s integrated embedded devices and progressive web and mobile technologies. With a dedicated remote team for supporting multiple skills, they have made their technology a significant competitive advantage responsible for driving growth.

Cashpoint had a very particular challenge; they wanted to create an immersive betting experience. The whole idea was to create a high-quality betting experience beyond casinos. But the application has failed to deliver a smoother experience and synchronous data streaming with cross platforms updates.

Thus, the team of cashpoint collaborated with INT. to build a robust console betting platform. bY creating a graphic rick platform with secured time session and authentication, cashpoint now has uniform experience. The outcome was measurable as they expanded customer base within short points of time along with better engagement with the users. 

Tesco Bank – Transforming Policy Management System

Tesco Bank, a leading insurance and banking solutions provider, teamed up with INT. to create an integrated virtual platform that could help its customers purchase and manage travel insurance policies from any device smoothly. Since they were a reseller of one of the largest insurance providers, a real-time module to track the policies and claims was also set up.

The situation for Tesco bank was unique. They were looking for an ecosystem where they could track every query through a comprehensive platform. On close analysis, the Tesco bank realised that the queries from the valuable clients are getting lost in silos. Moreover, they wanted a versatile and continuous digital experience for their clients through the interactive interface and intuitive platform. 

INT. helped Tesco bank to design and implement the user interface for a new mobile application. INT. delivered an intuitive digital experience through an integrated core back-end process with an advanced reporting feature to fully leverage the cloud-based platform and empower the customer-facing stakeholders. The outcome was exceedingly positive as it boosted sales to 5X by reducing claim processing time.

That is not the end of the list of our partners who collaborated with us to meet the gen “now” customer need. We made sure that at INT., we will provide a broad range of solutions for businesses that will actively help them expand their customer base. Today we have 500+ happy customers who cherish the success along with us. We are looking to bring a smile to many more in future!

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