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Top Tech News; 19 October 2016

By Mainak Biswas October 19, 2016 - 680 views


  1. Qt Unveils Lightweight IoT Development Framework

Software development is going to get a lot faster and lightweight, thanks to Qt Company, an open source tools provider. The company’s Qt Lite Project helps developers to streamline building IoT-enabled software for a variety of industry verticals. Developers can start with a minimal deployable configuration and add features as they develop their app. #IoT #developer

  1. Microsoft Claims Its Speech Transcription AI Is Better Than Humans

Transcriptionists may soon be out of job, if Microsoft is to be believed for its new claim. The company today announced that its speech transcription AI is better than human professionals over phone calls. This is being touted as a huge milestone for speech recognition and may have significant commercial ramifications. #ai

  1. Russian Company Brings Facial Recognition Tools to Businesses

Facial recognition tools are going to get bigger, thanks to NTechlab’s FindFace.Pro service. The service is being targeted at malls, casinos and concert venues, where lots of people gather and tracking people individually is difficult. Businesses in malls can provide customized service at malls, while security professionals will be able to manage crowds better. #ai

  1. Facebook Analytics for Apps Announces New Push Notifications

Facebook Analytics for Apps is going to get better very soon. The social media giant announced that it would be bringing push campaigns to all businesses, which enable them to remind users that the app still exists, when it remains unused for a long time. The update also brings in-app notifications, which may help businesses to communicate with their users in a better way. #marketing

  1. Instagram Stories Finds a Larger Audience

Instagram is bringing Stories to a larger audience, and this might be of interest to marketing departments. When users open up Explore, they will now find a ‘suggested stories’ section, which lets users to browse through random Instagram Stories tailored to their interests. If you are running a marketing campaign using Instagram Stories, expect to become more visible.  #social

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