Top Ten Tools to Increase Marketing Effectiveness
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Top Ten Tools to Increase Marketing Effectiveness

By Mainak Biswas July 01, 2015 - 2,693 views

2015 is going to be more competitive than the last year. You must have realized it by this time. Whether you’ve a big marketing budget or you’re a start up, with little money in hand, harnessing the power of user experience marketing tools can be a major advantage in your ability to move swiftly in your professional field. Make a resolution to make better decisions and find effective ways to communicate with your audience with some of the finest marketing tools to successfully run your marketing campaign.

Ten Most Powerful Tools to Gain Insights into Your Visitor’s Heart and Mind…

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a fabulous content development tool that is worthy of praise. Marketers can use BuzzSumo to research on content that your audience really want to read. All you need to do is enter a keyword or backlinks to get a detailed report on how well a content has performed based on social media shares. You can also filter the results based on language, time, type of content and country.

2. Crazy Egg

If you’re curious enough to learn the reason behind why visitors are leaving your site, Crazy Egg is the apt tool for you. The Heat Map tool tells you exactly where people are clicking, and where they’re not. The Scroll Map tool shows you exactly what portion of the page that people are leaving on, and how you can place your most important content to make it more visible. And lastly, the Confetti Map that allows you to visualize what’s happening on your page and from which traffic source they’re coming from.

3. Uberflip

If you do not want to let your visitors leave your site, Uberflip can be used to share a curated list of your content on your website. You can also create targeted call-to-action within your content to convert visitors into customers with the help of this user experience testing tools.

4. Kissmetrics

Rather than simply tracking the general flow of traffic, Kissmetrics enables you to track a specific group of visitors and their online behaviours. The data collected can be extremely useful in increasing the marketing effectiveness. These insights help you to discover the best campaign sources, drive better retention and double the number of your most valuable customers. The primary strength of this software is its ability to handle user identities much more clearly.

5. Raven Tools

If your marketing team need all-in-one internet marketing software, Raven tool is the solution. From robust SEO research tools to media monitoring to comprehensive reporting, Raven tool has it all. Once you’re set up with raven, you can easily create your first campaign within a minute. Raven is the ultimate time-saving machinery to make automated, interactive marketing report. Moreover, they’re continually innovating their platform with new features to make it better for their customers.

6. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

VWO is a testing and optimizing tool that allows marketers to form A/B or Split tests and geo-behavioural targeting campaigns without the need for any HTML or technical knowledge. With split-testing, marketers can also test multiple versions of a website and landing pages and choose one that performs the best. VWO also has flexible multivariate testing software and a number of additional tools including usability testing, heat maps and behavioural targeting to ensure conversion rate optimization activities are taken care of.


This tool allows you to add any relevant, targeted promotional message on any page that you share especially on social media platforms. With you get your social media followers to share, buy, respond to your questions and also subscribe by adding a call-to-action to your social media posts. You can also conduct A/B testing, redirect link traffic back to the home page or customize your posts with brand colours and images.

8. SideKick

Who’s opening your emails and how many times a day can now be easily tracked through Sidekick. It is always interesting to know your contact’s history, their latest tweets and other professional activities. Not only this, Sidekick also gives you the ability to schedule emails that you intend to send in the future. Furthermore, looking at contact information in Sidekick helps you to see which social media channels your prospects are active in.

9. Socedo

No more you have to filter through millions of users on Twitter to find the relevant profiles. Socedo does the work for you. The tool also has the ability to boost web traffic, increase conversions by inputting hashtags, keywords or other search criteria. Socedo even helps you to automatically favorite tweets, follow prospects and send messages to initiate conversation.

10. Mention

Wondering what people are talking about your brand? Now, it’s easy to keep a pulse on the conversation of customers, competitors and prospects with Mention. This powerful marketing tool helps you to track key phrases and brand names, in real time. This ensures that you never miss out a conversation with your existing and potential customers.

So, here you’ve the best of tools to accomplish your goals.

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