#TwitterChat: Digital-Led Product Innovation In Insurance
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#TwitterChat: Digital-Led Product Innovation In Insurance

By Abhishek Rungta April 19, 2018 - 1,661 views

We organized yet Twitter Chat Session on Digital-Led Product Innovation In Insurance. As the discussion progressed we got some immensely relevant insights, trends, and learnings around #InsureTech & #DigitalSuccess

Our esteemed panelists were Edmund Dilger and David Stubbs.

In a highly competitive industry which is not known for digital innovations, changes in technology, product innovation, and newer business models are creating significant new opportunities for Insurance companies.

Let’s us quickly go through this interesting discussion.

Q9: How can and collaborate to breed innovation at scale?

Insurance companies should not only test disruptive ideas, they also need to deliver business value at a lightning-fast pace by putting more focus on adjacent product innovations.

Indeed a great session.We profusely thank all the participants for sharing their thoughts.

We look forward to having such more power-packed session in the future on #DigitalSuccess

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