Top Tech News; 28 Sep 2016
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Top Tech News; 28 Sep 2016

By Abhishek Rungta September 28, 2016 - 939 views
  1. Forget Allo, Use Signal Instead

If Google’s Allo scared you away with its less-than-secure record keeping practices, you can use Signal on your desktop now. Praised by Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers and security experts, Signal has been available on iOS and Android as a highly encrypted service. Now, the app can be used on desktop too. #apps

  1. Dynamics CRM to Feature Smart Assistant

If your company uses Dynamics CRM as the main customer relationship management software, you can now look forward to a mobile-friendly relationship assistant. Microsoft announced the feature soon after Salesforce announced it was bringing AI to its Sales Cloud. The AI-fueled assistant will notify Dynamics users if there is any action they should take. #crm #AI

  1. WeChat Announces Apps within an App

WeChat, Tencent’s popular chat application will now feature web apps within the app. This will help users to avoid installing apps to perform various functions. Developers can now work with video, GPS, WeChat pay and other APIs within the app. Only time will tell if the ‘app within an app’ concept will work or not. #development

  1. Facebook Apologizes for Displaying Skewed Video Metrics

Facebook admitted that a key metric of its video viewership was erroneously being displayed in an amplified manner. The metric for average user time on videos was displayed incorrectly, misleading users to believe the videos were viewed for much longer. This revelation may affect Facebook’s reputation in the area of video advertising. #digital #marketing

  1. Cisco and Salesforce Team Up on CRM, IoT and Cloud

Cisco and Salesforce are coming together to develop new services in IoT and CRM. Both the companies want to complement each other with this new partnership and offer more integrated solutions to customers. This includes a number of cloud-based solutions too. #corporate #crm #IoT #cloud

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