5 Copywriting Tips You Can’t Ignore
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5 Copywriting Tips You Can’t Ignore

By Mainak Biswas May 08, 2013 - 612 views

In today’s world the need to discuss the importance of a website is redundant. However, what remains forgotten is the importance of good copywriting on websites, as it is one of the factors of successful advertising and marketing.

Need for Impeccable Copywriting

A website is one of the primary things a company focuses on during the start-up process and it reflects the purpose of the business and acts as a virtual salesperson. Since it is an online window of your company you must be very careful about what is being published and projected. Even trivial errors in this domain can spell doom for your company.

A website’s design may appeal to the visitors and also communicate to an extent but will not deliver the same results as the content will. It is like virtual glue that holds visitors to a website. Gone are the days when companies used to get away with their mere existence on the Internet and now it is all about exhibiting powerful and impeccable content without giving any room for copywriting errors.

Copywriting Errors and Avoiding Pitfalls

As we know, websites thrive on visual communication and thus, it is very important to be clear about what you want to project. For years, visual impact has been used as a marketing paradigm: what you see is what you perceive, and you do not want to bungle up web content with copywriting errors, as it is the only medium through which you communicate. Copywriting errors can do more damage than you can think of and they can not only destroy the marketing strategy but also taint a company’s reputation. Here is a list of common copywriting errors which should be avoided to maintain and uphold the quality of a website:

1.Know Your Content

More often than not, while developing web content companies tend to furnish more information than needed. Visitors pay little attention to the information that they deem unnecessary and if unnecessary information is available in abundance then they tend to skip the webpage, which is not something that you would want. Make a list of prime features that you want to showcase in your website and use catchy phrases and punch lines to highlight these features.

2.Focus on Grammar and Proofreading

When you are talking serious business on your website, you wouldn’t want the visitors to pass you for a ten year old because if they do, your company’s reputation may land in serious trouble. Make sure that you have proofread your web content time and again to avoid any spelling errors and maintain correct usage of grammar. Impeccable web content goes a long way in establishing your point and your company’s reputation. You may keep it simple, but it has to be impeccable.

3.Simplicity is the Best Policy

You may be well aware with jargon associated with your product or a feature that you are trying to showcase on your website. However, the visitors to your website may not be experts at what you are dealing with. Try to keep the text simple and understandable so that it does not appear elusive to a layman. The added advantage of keeping it simple is, you can easily put forward your focus points without leaving much room for any errors.

4.Highlight the Lead

Remember, visitors spend very little time to conclude whether your webpage is of relevance to them or not. It is in this short period of time that you either make or break an impression. Hence try to keep it short, lead with the main point and do not beat around the bush. Stick to the basics and provide whatever you think a visitor would want from your webpage in the first few lines of the text. Many visitors scan and skim the first few lines and decide whether to hop on to another website or stay on yours.

5.Maintain Brevity

Websites that talk a lot are avoided just like talkative people are avoided at parties. A visitor should not find reading web content a cumbersome task, which could very well happen if it is too verbose. A garrulous text not only kills the interest but also leaves nothing to imagination. Most internet users are usually digression intolerant, which makes it all the more important for a company to focus on what needs to be communicated and maintain brevity in the text.

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