5 Best Apps for your Mom this Mother’s Day

5 Best Apps for your Mom this Mother’s Day

By Mainak Biswas May 04, 2017 - 3,209 views

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. If we take some time out and ponder over this oft-used quote, we will agree on one thought. Even if the whole world goes against us, our mothers stand behind us like solid rock.

A mother is the one who first instills confidence in us, makes us believe in our potential and inculcate the values of good leadership. Some of the most famous business leaders in the world have given credit to their mothers for inspiring them.

We all agree that there is no greater love in this world than a mother’s love. But as the business leaders become busy with their lives, they might not always spend enough time with their mothers.

Does your mom forget to take her medicine when you are not around? Don’t you feel anxious every time you leave your mom at home and go for the business meeting?

A mother spends her entire life looking after the needs of her children, finding ways how to make their lives easier. Now, it’s our turn to make her feel special. The advancement of technology has made lives simpler and easier for families to take care of each other.

On this Mother’s Day, Indus Net Technologies lists five apps which the mothers should download. Download and install these apps on her mobile phones this Mother’s Day and make her life a LITTLE EASIER and COMFORTABLE. The apps will not only streamline and organizes the daily schedule of your mother but will also help her stay connected with you and other family members, far and near. From medical reminders, finance management to any emergency situation, apps today can solve everyday problems of your mother, even when you are not around. This Mother’s Day, show how much you care for her.

Here are the 5 smart and useful mobile apps your mom should have on her phone.

  • MediSafe                                                  

Mothers are always busy striking a balance between home and work and it’s an everyday struggle for them to remember their medication. Medisafe is an automatic medication reminder app. This visually appealing and easy-to-use app creates virtual pillbox for your family.

All you need to do is choose the medicine and add the time of the day your mother needs to pop the pill. This app, available on Android and iOS platforms, also helps to keep a track of glucose and blood pressure and makes it easier for the users to share the records with doctors.

However, the best feature about the app is “CareTaker”. Here, you can mention your name as care taker and you will be notified if your mother misses a scheduled dose. So, next time you if you are travelling for business, you know how to keep track on your mother’s pill usage?  

  • Red Panic Button

Today with the advancement of technology, mobile phones have become lifesaving gadgets, provided we know how to use it. 

 Red Panic Button is a must-downloaded app for those mothers who live far away from her loved ones. Just download and install this app (it has both paid and free versions) on your mom’s phone and add a list of contacts who will receive her message in case of any emergency. Your mother needs to just tap on the big red button in the middle of the app and a text and email alert along with her location and address will automatically be sent to the list of emergency contacts programmed on her app. It also sends out panic messages on connected social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Your mother can also send out panic voice, video and photo message.

Now, don’t think this app is only applicable in a case of any medical emergency. If your mother stays alone, this app will be handy in case of any personal threat and security too. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Magnifying Glass With Light

As our parent’s age, their eyesight deteriorates. This app is extremely helpful for those mothers, who love to read. The app, which is designed for both iPhone and iPad, has a magnifying glass with light which illuminates and magnifies (zoom in and out) any reading material.

This is a great app especially in areas where there’s insufficient or dim light; for example: reading menus in a restaurant. This app, which has a clear focus, also acts as a torch and will be extremely handy in case of any household work in a poor light situation.

  • Mint

As a business leader, you might not always be at your mother’s side to take care of her monetary transactions. But you need not worry about your mom’s finance any longer. Mint can take care of her money management.

From investments, income, savings, bank accounts to expenditures, this app keeps a track of all your mom’s bills and money in one place. The app syncs her financial organizations and delivers timely information to the user. The app gives a pie chart representation of the expenditure made, hence making it easier for the user to comprehend. The app sends out alerts for payments and also alerts the user in case there are unexpected account charges.

Mint provides handy personalized tips to the users also on how to save money.

Home Routines

It becomes difficult for a working mom to balance between professional work and household chores. In fact, moms often find it hard to remember the list of cleaning work that needs to be done around the house.

Download and install Home Routines on your mom’s iPhone and help her worry less about her home cleaning plans. This app smartly schedules and organizes her household cleaning work on a daily and weekly basis. So, your mom needs to just tap on the main screen of the app and she will be notified about the chores of that particular day. And the best part about the app is that it will notify the user about the day’s top priority.

In simple words: this app helps a mother to create a routine for all the cleaning jobs she needs to do. The app lets her divide the house into “focus zones” and structure the cleaning needs of specific rooms accordingly. It also comes with a reminder function, which routinely reminds the mother to complete the task.  


Some mothers might already be using the apps, and if not, make sure you download them on your mom’s phone this Mother’s Day. Trust us, you don’t regret it.

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Did we miss any of your favourite Mother’s Day app? Let us know about it in the comment below.

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