Today’s Top Technology News From Indus Net Technologies
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Today’s Top Technology News From Indus Net Technologies

By Mainak Biswas September 12, 2016 - 714 views
  1. Redeem your Facebook Coupons With Ease

Facebook is offering its customers with online and in-store coupons that can be saved easily. This will enable them to redeem the coupons just when they need to.  What’s more, it will all be delivered in a more mobile-friendly environment. #social

  1. 4G Speed Sets a New High

Finnish firm Elisa claims to have achieved a hyper fast speed of 1.9 Gbps on its 4G mobile network during a test. The record-breaking speed could revolutionize mobile video viewing. #mobile

  1. Exclusive Social Media Platform for Music Fans

Here is a brand new social media platform called Fans for hardcore music lovers. Music lovers can discuss and share their insights on various bands, artists and a lot more, no matter how old they are. #social

  1. Leave your Campaign Measurement to This

New software service unveiled by FunnelCake will put an end to all your uncertainties attributed to marketing investment. Why, it closely measures conversion rates to help you track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. And yes, it integrates with leading CRM software including Salesforce.  #crm

  1. Analytics to Monitor Stroke Aftermath

 Doctors can now continuously monitor patients recovering at home after a stroke. Analytics will keep medicos informed all the time so that they can alter therapies when required.  Falling sick is slowly getting less scary. #health

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