Web Copy and Web Content: What Is the Difference?
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Web Copy and Web Content: What Is the Difference?

By Mainak Biswas June 13, 2013 - 1,138 views

Before we dwell into the integrities of how different web copy is from web content, let us first understand what they both mean. To highlight the difference between copy and content, we can broadly say if a website is considered as a maze, then Web Copy would be the sign boards that give you directions and web content are the small little bits the maze is made up of.

Web Copy: It is that part of the website that persuades you to take action. For e.g.; “Like us @” “Leave a Comment with” or “Subscribe Now”. It is that part of the site which makes us feel as though we are having a conversation with the organization, telling us to do things and giving us suggestions. A lot many times, Web Copy subtly answers questions that we have in mind. For e.g. if we are wondering whom we can contact, we come across a message saying ‘mail us @’ or ‘you can talk to X, Y & Z’ for further queries. Making these texts catchy and placing them right is the science behind crafting a Web Copy.

Web Content: All the information about the organization that is available on the website makes up for the Web Content.  Right from the page that talks about the organization leading all the way to describing the effectiveness of the after sales service, comprise the Web Content. When we say information, it is not just random figures and jargons about the company, information should be persuasive, appealing and captivating for the viewer. While being all this, content should not be too pushy or either boastful resulting in viewer’s repulsion.

Differences Between Web Copy and Content

  • The stark difference between content and copy is that while copy is almost always suggesting for some action, content gives out information that the viewer is looking for
  • Web Content comprises of:  Information about the Company, Media, Press Clips, Videos, Product Descriptions, Executive Summary
  • Web Copy comprises of:  On-Page Text, Blog Sites, Social Media Posts, Advanced Content (white papers, eBooks, guides)
  • Copy has rules it needs to follow in terms of grammar and language
  • Content has no boundaries, it can be tweaked to fit in varieties of uses
  • Even though both of them at the end show great amount of correlation leading to increase in sales, Web Copy is what gives the organisation leads or sales while Web Content helps the viewer know everything he requires to know about the product familiarizing him to the brand

What they are both capable of doing when put together

Each brand, organization or institution has an exclusive mission, vision and goal. Most organizations would have developed their own culture defined through images and words which furthermore defines the organization and its offerings on the whole. When Web Copy unites with Web Content the brand is able to define its offerings in a more comprehensive and appealing manner with the help of videos, blog posts, social media websites, detailed relevant information on the websites, testimonials to show goodwill etc. Harmony between Copy and Content forms a complete package for the customers, answering almost all their queries.

Web Copy and Content are also used exclusively for marketing purposes in trade shows, on bill boards, posters, advertisements and many others. Each of these marketing tools leads the customer back to the website in order to help themselves with all their queries. Hence providing a complete package with all the relevant required information on one platform is quintessential.

What else they can do together:

  • Lure more Visitors: An appealing website will lure visitors even if they are not interested in the product. But with tempting content, it can also convert the visitor into a customer. People also would like to share things they like with their friends, and if the website is truly charming, then through word-of-mouth and social media websites, your site will reach a plenty
  • Successful repeat Visits: Due to its appealing factor, people would like to revisit the website either for reference or to share it with someone else
  • Love at First Sight: An attractive website will make the viewer fall in love with at first glance itself! 
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