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Branding on Internet at a shoe-string budget

By Mainak Biswas December 02, 2006 - 609 views

Last week, during an informal discussion with one of my prospective client, an interesting question came up. To put it word-to-word, it was:

How do we do branding on internet? Is it true that Internet is a global media which brings businesses at the same level playing field? If yes, then it should not cost “a lot” to build a brand online? How much will you charge me for my online branding efforts?

My answer was:

You are right. It does not cost an-arm-and-a-leg to create a brand on internet. If-

  • you are innovative in designing your offering,
  • present the offering in an easy-to-understand way,
  • spread your message in a viral way,

Innovation makes you stand out
Most of the companies try to simply put the same “old offering” in a new bottle without any adding any value or adapting it to a particular niche market. This makes the product or service a “me too” type. The consumer do not need to really “remember” such a offering, as they can get it anywhere.

Communication is the key!
In my opinion, communicating the product/service benefits or not doing so, determines the success of any marketing campaign. Effective communication of the “very basic facts” can make you look much better than your competition.

For example if the packaging on a loaf says – “Our breads are made in the best automated plants and are never touched by hands from start till end” – it does not mean that the other bakeries in town make breads with hand!

However it will communicate to the consumer that one brand of bread is better than the other one, even if the process of making them is the same.

Customers are the best viral marketers!
Deliver the best to your customers and let them know that you will be extremely happy if they can recommend you to their friends as a token of appriciation. Your customers can be your brand ambassadoors. They can spread messages in minutes. However it is important that they spread the right “unique selling proposition” that you have associated with your product / service. On internet it is very easy to spread the word, as everyone is virtually connected and an email is more than enough to recommend a given business.

So, if you are keeping up your “brand promise” to your customers, you can be rest assured that you are gaining a solid brand image in the given “niche market” for the “niche innovative product/service” that you are offering.

I call it Internet branding on a shoe-string budget!

Spending millions of dollars on advertising and not meeting your “brand promise” is a waste of money – something that caused the infamous dot com bust!


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