Facebook’s New Conversion Lift Tool to Optimize Ad Campaigns
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Facebook’s New Conversion Lift Tool to Optimize Ad Campaigns

By Mainak Biswas September 10, 2015 - 654 views

Facebook is working at making your social media ads more successful. You can now measure more things as you run Facebook ad campaigns. With Facebook’s improved version of Conversion Lift measurement tool, advertisers can now compare multiple test and control groups (group of users who are seeing the ads and the group who aren’t).

The Impact

This new tool would help the marketers in identifying which ad units are delivering the best results and how mobile ads are performing. Moreover, they can compare brands and direct response ads and also find out whether ads focusing on consumers’ lifestyles or the products are more effective.

Conversion Lift can also track the effect of advertising on offline behaviour. It can measure any advertising impact across purchasing channels including stores, apps and websites to get an idea of how advertising can affect behaviour. Marketers can determine the added business driven by Facebook ads.

“When you look at the change in sales and behaviours based on your goals, you can be pretty certain that your marketing is the one thing that drove any difference in behaviour,” said Brad Smallwood, VP of measurement and insights at Facebook. (Ref:

We think this tool would be of immense benefit to the marketers as it offers them a more holistic view of their ad’s performance. They can measure the impact of exposure to an ad across different devices. Moreover with Conversion Lift tool controlling group responses, advertiser’s point-of-sale data can be easily combined with audiences’ data taken from Facebook Custom Audiences Pixel to determine how effective an ad campaign is.

Marketers can improve their marketing decisions based on this information.

Source: Techcrunch, Facebook

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