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Future of Internet marketing – Converting NEED to WANT

By Mainak Biswas May 25, 2007 - 715 views

Today, Internet marketing fundamentally works on three principles –

1. PULL prospects (Targeting people with the NEED for the product)

2. Converting NEED to WANT

3. CLOSE the sale

Search engines are the best place to get the “pull prospects” that NEED the product or service you sell. The reason that they have been searching for your keyword related to your product and the reason they clicked their way to your website clearly signifies an “expression of interest”.

The major focus of all webmasters (smart ones) is on the “targeted visitors” of “qualified prospects”. Ten visitors who NEED widgets are far more valuable than 1000 visitors who might be surfing at 3 am just to kill time! It is a great innovation on part of pay-per-click (PPC) search engines that they bridge the gap between buyers and providers.

If I step into a buyer shoe, I know that if I go to a PPC engine, I will get active companies (instead of information sites), they will have well designed sites and will be responsive! Many search engines who are not PPC are including results of well established PPC engines giving a wider reach to the advertiser.

With the increasing influence of pay-per-click search engines, “targeted and qualified visitors” are becoming a commodity which a webmaster can buy off the shelf to give a head-start to his business within few minutes.

So, as the PULL process becomes a commodity, the emphasis is surely shifting towards conversion and closing.

The conversion process will primarily need a persuasive copy (styles may differ greatly) which will convert the NEED into the WANT for the product. The person who has been searching for the given product on internet has landed on your page.

Now think – 

  • Does he emotionally WANT to buy the product?
  • Is there enough reasons and emotions for him to commit to the product purchase? Are you giving him these reasons as a provider of the product?
  • Is he convinced that the given product and the provider behind the product (you) will solve the problem at hand?
  • Is he comfortable doing business with the provider?
  • Does he trust you to deliver the solution?
  • Is this NEED on the top of his priority list?

This is the reason, even when a person NEEDS a given product; he looks around till he WANTS to buy the same. This happens when the mental-blocks are cleared and the buyer is at peace.

So, considering the above situation, the two most important upcoming service areas will be:

1. Persuasive copy writing (conversion)

2. Improving uninterrupted closure (online + offline)

Indus Net Technologies is working tirelessly to bring up “Persuasive copy writing” service with its content development team, also branded as It is expected to be launched sometime in July 2007.

So keep tuned in!


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