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Indus Net Technologies(INT.) Newsletter

By Abhishek Rungta September 23, 2016 - 1,440 views
  1. Tumblr Adds Support to Live Photos

Tumblr has added support for Apple’s animated image format ‘Live Photo’. This means, users can play around with GIF images using their iPhones. Tumblr is expected to bring this to Android devices soon. If you had been looking for a slick way to get your images on Tumblr, things got much easier now. #social

2. SalesForce Announces Its AI Initiative

SalesForce has just announced its artificial intelligence initiative, rightly named SalesForce Einstein. It isn’t exactly a product but includes a number of components that SalesForce aims to bring to its CRM. This is one company that always gets things right. #crm #ai

3. Netflix to Keep 50% Programming Original

Netflix seems to be changing its business model. Initially, it brought mostly licensed content to its platform. Now, it seeks to host 50% of original content and programming in the next few years. Could this mean we will no longer be able to watch our favorites shows and movies on Netflix, unless its produced by Netflix? That’s probably not the case. Read on. #content #corporate

4. Snowden Warns You Not to Use Allo

While Allo has received accolades for bringing artificial intelligence to chatting, Google’s latest app has not impressed whistleblower Edward Snowden. He termed the app as dangerous and warned users not to use it even once, in a series of Tweets. This man sure has something to say every time there is a threat to security. Should we be worried about using Google’s Allo? #app #ai #security

5. Oracle Teams Up with Maharashtra Government in India

Oracle is teaming up with the Government of Maharashtra to launch Smart City Centre of Excellence. The idea is to create a robust IT infrastructure that can be used for government projects and services for citizens. This is one smart move by Oracle to retain its position in India. #egovernance

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