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INTians reach out to Bihar flood victims

By Mainak Biswas October 03, 2008 - 1,495 views

Recently, there was a national calamity in our neighboring state – Bihar (the state to the west of West Bengal). The flood affected millions of people, who lost their home and were exposed to hunger and disease.

Several hundred relief workers and thousands of charities jumped in to help the unfortunates.

INTians also chipped in in their small way by collecting Rs. 25000/= from all team members (including the company contribution) to Bharat Relief Society. The amount reached the flood victims in form of food, shelter and warm cloths for temporary rehabilitation.

Our contribution may not have helped them and will not reduce their pain. But it somehow gives us a medium to remain connected with them.

Thank you INTians!

Their blessings will be with you always.

If you wish to contribute to the Bihar Relief Fund, please contact us ( We will be able to connect you the right charity.

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