What we learnt from Tech Events from around the world this month?
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What we learnt from Tech Events from around the world this month?

By Syed Zainul Haque March 23, 2018 - 1,785 views

The spring & summer are the starting point for tech events, conferences, summits, and exhibitions across the world. Whether you could attend or simply tracking the social media, these events truly give you a wide knowledge of activities in the world of technology.

In this blog, we have carefully curated some of the best tech events held in March 2018 across multiple industries, all around the globe, from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas, Nepal, Sydney, London, Japan & more. Strategies & trends revolving around latest emerging technologies like Data Science, Cyber Security, Front-end development trends, Blockchain, Robotics, AI & Machine Learning were the main focus for all these events.

Let’s quickly roam through the significant happening in these events :

Women of Silicon Valley :

DigiDay Publishing Summit :

IBM Think 2018 :

Token 2049 :

Tech4SGDS Nepal :

AdTech: Sydney :

Future London Academy: Design

Thinking & Innovation Week :

As the year progresses, we will be coming up with more such updates. Make sure to check this space often!

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