Making Your Green Agenda Business Friendly

Making Your Green Agenda Business Friendly

By Mainak Biswas December 29, 2015 - 1,789 views

As we move towards a world that is saner, healthier and more sensitive, companies have found the need to do their bit as well. To show that they are environment friendly, many companies are going green, a colloquialism to imply that efforts are being made to remain sustainable, energy efficient and leaving fewer carbon foot prints.

Yet, having a green agenda is not easy on a company’s exchequers. It costs real money and sometimes, it may not even be a profitable idea to do so. CEOs often realize that going green is good for their company’s image but they do not actively promote themselves as a green company, as this would require them to be environment friendly in all respects. However, this is just an assumption which is not entirely true.

Even the smallest step we make towards going green will be well appreciated not only by clients and consumers but also by nature itself. Yet, with all these differing opinions and practices, it is possible to have a green agenda while remaining business friendly as well.

In this article, let us take a look at how this is possible and what you probably could do to remain green and financial viable at the same time.

1.      Have a green agenda department

While it may seem easy to assume that you have a green agenda for your company, it helps to have an actual department that overseen environmental friendly activities and policies within your company. Even if the department consists of just one person or is headed by you alone, it makes sense to have a structured department so that you can track progress and also write reports based on activities and policies.

2.      Focus on quality products and services

Never compromise on the quality of products and services you offer or receive. If we are talking about products, good products are usually energy efficient and also last longer. This means, there is less need to recycle quickly or pay for energy. The fact that your products last for a longer time or consume less energy will make them a big hit among consumers. Similarly, services can be environmental friendly too. You just have to offer or choose services that are eco-friendly.

3.      Hire vendors who are green themselves

If you are planning to outsource your tasks, it is better to hire a company that is environment friendly. While you save money on outsourcing, you will also end up being green and sustainable in an indirect manner. This will help you to play on the right side of the court, instead of increasing carbon foot prints in the world.

4.      Market your green agenda

Most companies fail to market their green agenda even if they have one. If you have done anything environment friendly or even if you believe you will be energy efficient or green in the future, use that to your advantage when you market yourself. Create ad campaigns that tell the world how green and environment friendly you are. With the kind of adulation and admiration that green agenda has today among customers and consumers, you will certainly see improvements in your business.

Going green does not mean giving up profits

There is a misconception out there that being green somehow alludes to being a hermit of a company. That is far from the truth. In reality, most companies that are environment friendly use it to their advantage to market themselves positively. If you are not doing that, you probably should do that as well!

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