Why You Must Choose a Green and Sustainable Offshore Vendor
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Why You Must Choose a Green and Sustainable Offshore Vendor

By Mainak Biswas August 03, 2015 - 2,211 views

There has been a lot of discussion regarding sustainability of companies. Green and sustainable companies are viewed more favorably and also tend to work more efficiently. Companies that work actively towards reducing their carbon footprints, emissions, energy consumption and electronic waste are considered green in nature.

These companies use high quality materials to manufacture or purchase high quality goods, which are environmentally friendly. Companies that are green and sustainable have environment-friendly policies etched into their company objectives. This helps to ensure that they stay right on path and do not deviate from what is written on the paper.

It is important to engage with companies that are green and sustainable so that we do not directly or indirectly become responsible for global warming & environment degradation. To be able to remain green, we have to choose companies that have an ethical policy to be environmentally friendly. In a world that is dominated by offshoring and cloud technology, it is important to choose vendors who are green and sustainable.

In this article, let us take a look at why you need to do so.

Green and sustainable companies offer more

Companies, which abide with green and sustainable policies, usually, provide a better quality of products & services. Companies like Apple are deeply invested in remaining environmentally friendly and clean. Naturally, they end up using high quality products, which are not environmentally damaging. That also results in better products and services.

For instance, companies, which do not use high quality of products, often manufacture products, which consume a lot of electricity and energy. Similarly, if a cloud company is energy-friendly, it will, in the long term, prove to be beneficial to you because you will save more on energy costs. While using the cloud is sustainable in itself, it is nice to choose a vendor who is also environmentally friendly.

This helps to boost your morale and to promote environment friendliness. It also works better for your image when you say you only deal with green and sustainable companies. This helps in brand building and in ensuring that you are firmly etched in the list of green & sustainable companies.

Green and sustainable companies tend to practice ethical business

It is a long held tradition that people who speak well and do well also tend to be good people. It is uncommon to find people who are kind to people, usually, being unkind to a select few. On this note, it is safe to assume that companies that believe in environmentally safe and green practices also tend to be more ethical than mainstream companies, which are only profit motivated.

While this is not to say that being profit motivated is bad, it is important to highlight that being environmentally friendly is part of business ethics today. Businesses all over the world have a responsibility towards remaining clean, green and sustainable. If a company is green and sustainable in its approach, chances are that it will be sustainable & ethical in many other ways.

This might seem like undue generalization but it does make sense to believe that a company, which strives for the rights of environment and for a safer tomorrow will also care about the progress & safety of its clients. On the other hand, a company that is reckless about environment might be purely profit motivated, without spending time in introspecting about the effects of its actions on environment. Such a company might not introspect about your well-being either.

Choosing green and environmentally friendly vendors helps you in the long term

Finally, we can conclude that choosing green and sustainable vendors is very important as it helps you in the long term. Companies like IKEA always choose green and environmentally friendly suppliers and vendors because it wants to retain its image as a green company.

When you wish to remain green and sustainable, it is important to choose green & sustainable vendors as well. After all, we only want to do what we believe in. If you believe in green IT and business practices, it makes sense to hire only vendors who are green and sustainable. Eventually, it will become a norm in the industry and promote a green outlook globally.

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