PPC Account Managers: How to Hire the Best One in the Market
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PPC Account Managers: How to Hire the Best One in the Market

By Mainak Biswas April 18, 2013 - 550 views

A PPC account manager handles all things related to a Pay-Per-Click campaign and ensures that the money that is spent on PPC campaigns is translated into profits and revenue in the short and long terms. The reason why companies must focus more on PPC account managers more than the immediate campaigns is because it is the managers who run and monitor these campaigns and those who have the best managerial skills will also be the most successful ones.

The Need for a Good PPC Account Manager

Managers who are well acquainted with PPC accounts previously will be able to ensure that goals are met on a priority basis. They will know how to cross off to-do lists when they are not required and they will also know how to focus on priority tasks instead of just crossing them off. The idea is to hire an accounts manager who knows how to differentiate between getting rid of unwanted tasks and pushing less priority tasks to the corner so that important tasks can be handled immediately. Good PPC account managers should also be able to seek help when they need, whether in-house or outside. They should know whom to contact, when to contact and why they should contact anyone at all in the first place.

A Well-balanced PPC Account Manager Can Increase the Success of Campaigns

Ideally, your PPC account manager should be a calm and well balanced person who knows that reacting strongly to negative situations will only lead to further failures in PPC campaigns. A PPC account manager who knows how to deal with good and bad situations when it comes to PPC campaigns will be better able to turn advertising money into long term profits.

PPC Campaigns Can Be Affected by Short Term Changes

A PPC campaign can go wrong within a few hours. Considering how fickle minded Internet users are, and how keywords are either in focus or not in focus depending on various points in a day, a PPC account manager should understand the importance of immediacy. Thus, he or she should be able to spot difficulties and issues within 24 hours of them happening. Fixing issues within a span of few hours will always help account mangers to rectify issues before they blow out of proportions and cause huge losses to the campaign or to the company itself. Pay per click advertising changes with time, just as Internet evolves over a period of time.

Personal Qualities of a Good PPC Account Manger

Managers who are willing to learn, adapt to new situations and train themselves to be open-minded are the ones who will achieve the most success. PPC accounts need people who are malleable and ready to be subjected to rigor, scrutiny, stress and failures. All may not go well with a PPC campaign and a good PPC account manger should know this. He or she should be able to identify when things are not going well within a few hours and chart out plans that will effectively target the root problems.

A good manager will be able to understand the nuances of keywords and keyword allocation. He or she should be good at linguistics and at playing with words. This helps the manager to pick keywords that will particularly fetch good results when it comes to targeting various market segments. While he or she need not be a copywriter, he or she should be able to think like one. A good PPC account manager should also be good at social media, public relations and computer skills. A manager who can understand and use a little bit o coding can prove to be a valuable asset to a PPC campaign.

With so many qualities required for a good PPC account manager, it shouldn’t come to us as a surprise that it is quite difficult to hire outstanding and effective managers. However, with a little patience and a few rounds of interviews, one should be able to spot that PPC account talent which is elusive and difficult to find. Once a good PPC account manager is hired, one can rest assured that the campaign will last long and will reap a lot of benefits.

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