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Productivity Differences

By Mainak Biswas August 01, 2006 - 495 views

I get the same questions all the time –

“How’s a Senior Programmer better?”

Although the most obvious answer to this is “A senior programmer is more experienced” but, this is not what I see in my mind when I try to imagine looking at a Senior Programmer and Junior Programmer working on the same project simultaneously.

The reason I recommend to go for senior programmers is: Better Productivity

What is Productivity?

Productivity is generally defined as output produced divided by Inputs used i.e.  

Productivity = Output / Input

Here Output is the actual work done i.e. results produced while Input refers to all things that a programmer required to do the task which includes the amount of time you had to spend to micromanage things.

Thus you can better productivity if: 

  • A Programmer produces same output by using lesser number of inputs 
  • A Programmer produces more output by using same number inputs 
  • A Programmer produces more output by using lesser inputs 

So, a productive programmer is the one who takes lesser amount of time and inputs from you. Thus, if one your “must haves” is not to micromanage the programmer then it is always better to hire a senior programmer.

At Indus, any productive programmer is a senior programmer. Thus, the fact that a senior programmer has more experience is just coincidental.

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