Rivu Chakraborty’s Reactive Programming Book for Developers Gets Listed on Kotlin’s Official Website
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Rivu Chakraborty’s Reactive Programming Book for Developers Gets Listed on Kotlin’s Official Website

By Syed Zainul Haque December 01, 2017 - 3,861 views

We are excited to announce the launch of Reactive Programming in Kotlin, authored by Indus Net Technology’s Rivu Chakraborty. It is listed on the official website of Kotlin as an important resource, and on the official GitHub Repository of RxKotlin. The book is a hands-on guide that lucidly explains the theoretical and practical foundations of reactive programming in the context of Kotlin. Reactive Programming in Kotlin is a master-resource for programmers who seek to understand, learn, and practice Reactive Programming using Kotlin language.

Reactive programming, as a concept, is not very well understood, and resources available currently do not make this complex topic accessible to developers. Rivu Chakraborty’s Reactive Programming in Kotlin aims to provide the necessary tools, resources, and self-training to Kotlin developers who wish to revolutionize their programming skills.

To be fair, Reactive Programming has intimidated even the most seasoned programmers simply because it is an advanced topic with a complex learning curve, and not many currently specialize in it. Kotlin is a statically typed language and is officially supported by Google and Pivotal (Spring custodian). It is often considered to be the best combination of Object-Oriented and Functional Programming Paradigms. Like Reactive Programming Paradigm, Kotlin language is comparatively new, and globally, very few resources are available in either print or web. Rivu’s book helps programmers to immerse themselves in this new programming language.

Why reactive programming?

The problem with today’s programming techniques is that it is difficult to write stable and reliable code for programs that are increasingly asynchronous in nature. Programmers also need to consider the scalability of the application, as most apps tend to grow with time, both in size and complexity, as new features are added. Kotlin is best-suited for developing stable, reliable and scalable programs, and is often the programming language of choice for many developers today.

However, Kotlin isn’t without limitations. It is still difficult to consider all aspects such as asynchronicity, scalability, and intuitiveness, while also keeping the application responsive. Reactive programming is a completely new paradigm that helps developers to take their programming skills to the next level. Working with asynchronous data streams becomes a walk in the park, when Kotlin developers employ reactive programming. Rivu’s groundbreaking book helps you do just that.

The story behind the book

A Google-certified Android developer, Rivu Chakraborty is a force to reckon with when it comes to Kotlin. Rivu is the right person to author a book on this topic, as he is a pioneering developer in Kotlin with around two years of experience in using the newly emerging language. Many developers who use Kotlin did not have a proper resource to refer to, or to self-train themselves in the field of reactive programming. Rivu wanted to change that.

Upon being asked why he was motivated to write this book, he revealed, “I realized not many people use Kotlin, especially not with the reactive programming paradigm. I wanted to share my experience, knowledge, and skills with other programmers so that they can quickly learn how to develop programs written in Kotlin, using Reactive Programming.”

What does the book cover?

As most people are new to reactive programming, the book begins with the basic concepts of Reactive Programming and slowly moves towards asynchronous data streams. Usually, this is where even the most seasoned programmers feel stuck. After introducing the reader to general Reactive Programming concepts, they will be introduced to functional reactive programming, which helps programmers to apply what’s learned in practical use cases. It is at this level that the book helps Kotlin enthusiasts to create dataflow-based systems and RxKotlin library, both of which are necessary for reactive programming.

The book also helps programmers learn how to manipulate time in data-flow and customize operators and providers. Further along, readers can learn more about the concept of asynchronicity and how they can use concurrency model to asychronicity that occurs within the code. Keeping applications scalable is one of the most challenging areas of programming, and this book helps programmers to use modular programming, which helps in scaling apps. Last but not the least, readers can expect to gain a fair knowledge of Springmicroservices, and learn to work with Spring 5 functional web framework and Spring boot 2. Also, this book will help Kotlin developers and programmers to create future-ready Android applications using a reactive programming paradigm.

Reactive Programming in Kotlin covers the following concepts

  • Extensive coverage of RxKotlin 2.0 and Reactive Framework
  • Building future-ready Android apps using RxKotlin
  • Learning to use Kotlin with Spring Framework 5.0
  • Working with reactor Kotlin extension
  • Build scalable, reliable, and responsive Android applications in Kotlin
  • Using Sping, Hibernate, and RxKotlin to build Rest APIs
  • Test RxKotlin applications using test Subscriber

Indus Net Technologies has been at the forefront of Kotlin and reactive programming revolution

Indus Net Technologies has been a pioneer of sorts in bringing scalable, reliable, and efficient Android applications using Kotlin and reactive programming. Rivu Chakraborty’s book is a step in the same direction, of making this valuable knowledge available to other programmers and developers, in a mission to create a better development atmosphere. We wish Rivu Chakraborty luck and hope that his book achieves the success it merits.

Reactive Programming in Kotlin is published by Packt, and is available in both print and Kindle versions. It probably makes sense to buy both the versions, as Packt is offering interesting deals. You can grab Reactive Programming in Kotlin on Packt’s website directly, or place an order on Amazon and other famous distributors.

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