Twitter Chat : CIO’s Perspective on #DigitalSuccess for 2018
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Twitter Chat : CIO’s Perspective on #DigitalSuccess for 2018

By Syed Zainul Haque March 16, 2018 - 2,084 views

We just organised an interesting & thoughtful Twitter Chat session today between 3PM- 4PM (IST). In this virtual panel discussion, we aimed to help our audience understand CIO’s perspective on #DigitalSuccess for 2018. This intuitive discussion was led by the country’s top CIOs and they shared their valuable insights on three major parameters like challenges, expectations, and solutions to achieve #DigitalSuccess in 2018.

Let’s take a visual tour of this amazing session:

Q1: What are the digital goals for your company in 2018-19?

To this Abhishek Rungta, CEO, Indus Net Technologies added “Connecting seamlessly with all stakeholders using the connected ecosystem is key to #DigitalSuccess. Well said :)”

Q2: At what point will you consider your efforts towards digital initiatives to be successful? What does #DigitalSuccess look like for you?

He continued, “Followers, ability to create consumer segments from data, customer adoption of any digital initiative like a new app downloads/MAUs etc.”

A question was put forward by Abhishek Rungta: 

Akash Tyagi replied to this saying: “#DigitalSuccess aside to growth, right impact across all customer touchpoints in creating a sticky experience propels loyalty and retention.”

He went on to add “It’s very long way ..We all just started ..Many new techniques ..Technologies are disrupting market and one has to keep close eye on its impact…”

Q3: What are CIO’s key challenges to achieve #DigitalSuccess for their organizations?

Q4: What can CIO’s do to make their #Digital initiatives more successful?

Q5: Are you finding practical and measurable results from emerging technologies like AI/ML?

Q6: How does #DigitalSuccess responsibility distribute between CIO, CMO, and CDO?

Q7: How do you bring all departments/functions and roles together to achieve #DigitalSuccess?

We thank all the participants for making this chat session a super success.

Indus Net Technologies stands for #DigitalSuccess & we create meaningful engagement for our clients.

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