Using an Explainer Video to Create Brand Connect With Your Consumer Target Base
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Using an Explainer Video to Create Brand Connect With Your Consumer Target Base

By Mainak Biswas November 03, 2014 - 747 views

Why does your business need explainer video for branding?

It is known fact that branding is not used for obtaining direct benefits from customers. As a small business owner, you may think that branding is not your cup of tea. It is only to do with large businesses.  Having just a corporate identity package and a company website is not enough for meeting your branding requirements especially when your business needs online presence.  You need to do a lot more.

We know you are already present on various social media platforms and blogs. But are you taking full advantage of your presence there? Have you been using explainer videos to brand your company and products? If not, then there is no reason why customers would want to lurk around your website for a long time. Quality video content creates an impact on the viewers as they are innately entertaining, dynamic and stimulate action.

How does explainer video help you build your brand?

Customers recognize you not because of your name but by the product you make and the services you offer. But it is not enough. To survive in this harsh and cutthroat business world, branding is more than important. And explainer videos are your best bet for brand disparity. For a growing business, content marketing is awfully essential. This is where the role of explainer videos comes into existence. Explainer videos act as a powerful video marketing tool that helps your target customers to form a perception about your brand.

Let us find out how explainer videos help you to strengthen your online brand image:

1)      Increase traffic and visibility of your brand 

Search engines give a higher preference to videos over pictures and text. Uploading a high quality original video content with appropriate SEO tactics help you to rank higher in the SERP. If your visibility increases, it is followed by an increase in the footfalls to your website. Increased footfalls mean a higher conversion rate.

Even if people don’t visit your website, they at least know that you exist. Adding a video on the homepage is a fairly impressive step as it is the first thing visible when a customer visits your website. According to Unbounce, conversion rate increases by 20% by using animated explainer videos.

2)      Give a voice to your brand 

Branding is an essential means of communication with your target customers. It is not just about spending money and creating a brand image. When you invest time and thought in your brand, you understand what you want to say and how you want to be seen. People don’t like to interact with robots.

It is that vibrant human factor involved in the videos that seeks the attention of target customers. Videos are dynamic in nature. Graphics, animation, moving pictures and a solid voice over adds up to the strength of an explainer video. People know who they are talking to and the message is heard loud and clear.

3)      Define your brand 

Branding is not just about advertising the name of your company or promoting a brand name you use for your product. It goes much beyond that. Brand association requires significant thought in it. There are various aspects that act as an interface between the brand and the customers.

For instance, customers’ contact with the organization and its employees, price, celebrity association, advertisements, product quality, discounts and offers, product category etc. Explainer videos are not specific about any one particular aspect. The way you deliver your message and the way it is perceived by your target audience define your brand.

4)      Add personality

Besides the functional benefits of a brand, brand personality plays a vital role. The human traits like excitement, sincerity, ruggedness, competence and sophistication all add to brand personality. And customers are more likely to purchase when your brand spells these characteristics.

The quality of the video used and the purpose it solves adds a niche to your personality. Offer content which differentiates you from your competitors. I would recommend you to include brand logo and company name in your video so that even if it is viewed outside your website or offline, it bears your stamp. And as a start-up organization, marketers do not afford to avoid branding via explainer videos.

5)      Help you form a consistent brand image

Brand consistency is an unconditional necessity especially in the era when your content is marketed through different digital media platforms. Moreover, it helps you to win trust of your customers. Most often customers purchase from a company they are familiar with.  Creating a video is an art. It has to be symbolic to your brand. Consistency in video creation will help you carve a distinct brand image. A consistent look, tone and quality will make it easier for the customers to identify you in the crowd thus avoiding confusion.

6)      Explain your brand

Explanation is about simplicity. The simplest way you choose to make it understand to your target customers the importance of your brand, higher is your probability of success. Explainer videos come into picture when the words fall short. Ideally, videos eliminate guess work in explaining the efficacy of your product or service.

Customers stop presuming and rather start believing in your product. Explainer videos help you to connect with your customers and tell them explicitly what your business has in store for them. It also clarifies why they choose you instead of your competitors.

7)      Evoke emotions 

Explainer videos have a capability to share a visual story with your customers. Customer success stories are most likely to evoke emotion in the viewer. Besides, explaining the usefulness of your products or even the vision and mission of your company, customers may feel rejoiced or surprised. I know that you are relating it TV advertisements.

Yes, there is a relation but to a certain extent. TV ads are mainly short commercials meant for masses and therefore involve a huge sum of money. On the other hand, explainer videos are only informational without any commercial value. They can be produced at a fairly cheaper cost and are specifically designed for your target group. When your video is able to stimulate the right set of emotions packed with information, your brand recall value increases significantly.

8)      Ability to go viral: make them shareable 

As already stated above, explainer videos are informational in nature. And people love to share what they like on social media platforms. Create a series of explainer videos and post them to your social media profiles at a regular interval. Educate and entertain your customers simultaneously. A good explainer video will become viral on internet and people start noticing you.

Ask for customer feedback at the end of the video and make sure that you integrate all your social media platforms. Interaction with customers is extremely important to mingle with them on social media. Clear their doubts and be ready to accept criticism. It will definitely give leverage to your brand.

9)      Diversify your marketing portfolio 

You’ve been engaging customers through various marketing channels including email alerts, newsletters, blogs, social media, e-store and website. But till now, you have only depended on text or images.

Posting the links to your explainer videos on all the above mentioned channels will define a new way of engaging with your customers. Customers don’t like to spend time on reading especially when it is from an unfamiliar brand. In such a case, a short video usually 1-3 min long will help you to borrow some time of your customers and pitch your marketing goals.

Final thoughts

Creating a brand connect with your customers is easier said than done. Simply creating a beautiful explainer video without giving any importance to the script is not going to land you anywhere. Articulate the problem what your target customers are experiencing. Tell that you have a solution to this problem and then show off the product features.

In the end you can ask them for video and email subscription. All these components are essential when your explainer video talks about a new product. Similarly, you can devise creative ideas for making subsequent videos for frequently asked questions. Presenting the customers what they are looking for is an essential part of online brand building exercise.

Please post your suggestions below. And do share how explainer videos helped your business to create a brand connect with your customers.

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