VCs Hate Text and Here Is What You Must Do
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VCs Hate Text and Here Is What You Must Do

By Mainak Biswas October 21, 2014 - 1,551 views

If you have just come up with an idea for starting a business an enterprise and are looking for venture funding, you might already be ready with a heavy dossier and a professionally made PowerPoint presentation. The day when you present your pitch to the venture capitalists, you find that many of them are busy texting to their spouses or are just drinking coffee and staring at the ceiling.
What could possibly be wrong in that dossier, in which you have managed to write exceptionally well why your business is a great bet? Or what could be the problem with that PowerPoint presentation which you thought looked swell? Well, the short answer is, people don’t like to read a lot of text. They also find PowerPoint presentations boring.
Venture capitalists are people too and they see these files and presentations, dozens of them even, every single day. In order to grab their attention, you need something more than just textual content or PowerPoint presentations. What you really need is an explainer video. Explainer videos are animated videos that are relatively affordable to produce and are entertaining enough to hold attention. They explain why your business, product or service must be given attention and how it matters to the audience.

The growing importance of explainer videos online
Nowadays, venture capitalists look for potential startups online as well. That means, the old fashioned way of presenting in front of an audience is kind of out. What is in is, you may need to upload videos of your pitch on your website, share them on social media or directly mail to potential VCs. There is always a huge competition when it comes to funding. Most venture capitalists know that they will be bombarded by start-up pitches almost all the time.
Thus, they have more reasons to eliminate than to be eagerly looking for the next start-up to fund. To make sure that your pitch is not ignored, you should make sure that you invest in a good explainer video consultant and get a video that explains your pitch in a lucid and entertaining manner. You must also make sure that your explainer video is not a lengthy one.
Ideally, it should be under 2 minutes. What really ticks at the end of the day is, what the explainer video is trying to convey and how useful it seems to the viewer of that video. With that in mind, you should get an explainer video produced by professional animators.

Here are some of the tips to making a great explainer video for venture capitalists

  1. Tell them a story. Make sure that you are weaving your narration using metaphors, parodies, humor and other rhetorical devices. All this helps to grab the VC’s attention.
  2. Do not keep the video long and boring. It should be less than 2 minutes, in order to be successful.
  3. Use very little text within the video. Instead, use graphics, charts and other visual cues.
  4. Understand that human beings are visual in nature. They need to like what they see in order to develop a favorable opinion. Make sure that your explainer video does that.
  5. Hire professional script-writers to form a compelling script for your video. Do not hesitate to spend a little more in order to do so.

Do not rely on text
6 out of 10 venture capitalists hate textual content and they just won’t even bother to fund a business that heavily uses text in its pitches. You may probably gain more from using explainer videos, when it comes to attracting funds. There are a number of startups these days and getting funding has become very difficult.
In order to remain relevant and in order to make sure that you do not lose out on opportunities which could have been yours, you must begin to get great explainer videos made. Explain to the audience what your business is, what products or services you are trying to sell and why the investor must invest in your company. Just following these three steps in an explainer video will ensure that VCs begin to take you more seriously.

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