What Madonna Can Teach You about Technology Adoption

What Madonna Can Teach You about Technology Adoption

By Abhishek Rungta August 12, 2016 - 2,345 views

It might seem a little odd to see Madonna’s name printed on the website of a company that lives and breathes technology. Yet, she is more relevant here than anywhere else, if one would like to put it that way.

To begin with, Madonna is not only an artist/musician par excellence, she is also a businesswoman with a knack and an entrepreneurial spirit that needs to be emulated. Her music and entertainment business employs thousands of people and sustains, even more, people who are not directly employed by her. We also know that she has a softer side to her, adopting children from disadvantaged countries and bringing them up as her own.

However, what technology insiders should take a note of is her dedication to technology, and bringing technology to every aspect of her life. In fact, every company has something to learn from Madonna about technology adoption, if not her music.

In this article, let us see how Madonna can teach you a thing or two about adopting new technologies.

  1. Early Adoption of Technology

Right from the days of ‘Vogue’, a groundbreaking single released in the 1980s, Madonna has been at the forefront of adopting novel technologies. If you closely studied her videos, you will notice that what she experimented with decades ago still remain relevant. Like her, it makes sense to adopt the technology before others do. Right now, it makes sense to adopt cloud computing before your competitors catch up.

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  1. Embracing Social Media

Madonna has used social media to document all her achievements, even before other stars began to use social networking sites. Her social strategy has been to interact with her followers intimately, which is what you should be doing too if you want success on social media. This should be a lesson to all those companies that are still hesitating to plunge deeper into the social domain.

  1. Using Technology to Bring Novelty

Her most stylish videos have been in black and white, which are now again replicated by younger pop stars. She also was at the forefront of bringing techno and trance to mainstream dance music, which again, is now part of the music. When Ray of Light was released in 1998, it was a groundbreaking album, mainly because of the way technology was adopted into the recording and music making process. Today, younger pop singers are still finding inspiration in that album of hers. If you want your company to succeed, use technology to create something new!

  1. Promotion of Technology

Not only has Madonna succeeded at adopting and using technology, she has also been an activist of sorts, by promoting technology to varied audiences. Her live performances are a standing testament to this, with some of the most advanced lighting, sound and stage effects used by her. She actively encourages her audience to participate in her live performances, making them an interactive experience. Likewise, you should promote your own technology to your users by making things more interactive.

Learning from Madonna

Certainly, there is a lot to learn from Madonna and technology is not the only thing. She is one of the inspirational figures for those who want to be successful in their business. She teaches business people that one should never let go of one’s passion and must always be at the forefront of technology adoption. If you studied her life closely, you will know that Madonna is not just a pop icon, but a world leader who has managed to change the way we approach technology.

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