Why We Invented Dedicated Hiring?

Why We Invented Dedicated Hiring?

By Abhishek Rungta July 26, 2017 - 4,972 views

The early 2000s saw rapid adoption of digital technologies by small and medium enterprises globally. The unprecedented demand led to widespread interest in outsourcing among enterprises and agencies. However, the traditional Fixed Cost Project model and Full-Time-Equivalent (FTE) model did not fit in well due to several reasons:

  1. Digital projects were being built ground up, it needed a lot more engineering and collaboration with internal teams, and hence in many cases, IT teams preferred hiring internal team member instead of using a digital outsourcing partner.
  2. Digital was itself evolving, and therefore the scope could not be frozen decisively.
  3. Digital is a mix of several technologies, and hence it needed a multidimensional and cross-skilled team.
  4. Digital projects were time sensitive and came in different shapes & sizes, hence companies found it difficult to negotiate each project with a vendor. In fact, at times the negotiation cycle became longer than the actual production cycle.
  5. Digital projects were innovative. This means it was not just about hiring extra hands. It needed to be innovated, owned up and delivered. It needed a managed service approach than a pure resourcing centric outsourcing model.
  6. Digital is new. And we realize that many companies have little experience in managing digital projects. Therefore, it needed the discipline of the project management along with the flexibility of an in-house professional – at the same time.

When we saw this problem, we were a small, nimble company with an employee count in single digit, working closely with small and medium businesses around the world as their digital production hub.

We realized we need to come up with something which takes the best of 

           Traditional project outsourcing + in-house teams + consultants

And, we delivered exactly that. And this is why the model that we invented became so widely popular. And it was soon offered by hundreds and thousands of outsourcing companies around the world. Some implemented it in spirit and form, where as many just borrowed the name to cash on the hype!

So, what was the model? It was simple to describe but difficult to execute.

We had technical teams, consultants, processes and a host of technology tools to enable remote working.

We understood the client needs, purpose, project, and organization structure. Based on these parameters, we custom designed a managed offshore team consisting of designers, developers, testers, business analysts, project managers, tech architects, security experts, digital marketing consultants, change management professionals and technical writers.

We understood the success parameters and the end objective. We set the ownership of projects, dependencies, risk factors and timeline to achieve the same. Just the way you do when you have an internal team – just with a lot more flexibility!

We designed the organisation  structure and processes to ensure that this team aligns well with our clients and works smoothly.

We still focus on adapting our communication protocols and collaboration tools or used the ones with which our clients were comfortable. This is even more important due to distance, time zones, and cultural diversity.

This, done right, yielded a tightly integrated team which has flexibility, agility, and domain knowledge of an IT outsourcing service provider, control of an in-house team and access to knowledge and process of an external consultant.

So, in a way, the best of both the worlds and more!

And Dedicated Hiring was born to address a new world outsourcing problem, from a new world IT service company, in a small office in Salt Lake, Kolkata. And this model evolved every year, with every deal we did to become a model of choice for Fortune 500 companies, whom we serve today with pride and passion.

That story is for another blog post.

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