5 Flaws in Your Website that Could Ruin E-commerce Conversion Rates
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5 Flaws in Your Website that Could Ruin E-commerce Conversion Rates

By Mainak Biswas March 26, 2014 - 971 views

It is never easy to have a full-fledged e-commerce website. There are several things that one must take care of. Be it the way a website looks, functions or the way products are displayed, there are just too many things to consider. Most companies try and hire professional web designers to get their website up and running.

Common considerations with respect to e-commerce websites

While most of them are successful, there are always chances to improve the conversion rates. People simply visit the website and leave without purchasing anything and that affects your conversion rates. So, how do we ensure that the conversion rates are not affected by simply your own website? There are several things to consider here. Most of these considerations stem from the fact that there are just too many flaws within your website. E-commerce websites should be given special attention because once people suspect that something is of inferior quality, they do not waste time in leaving the website. They simply do not convert into a shopper. In order to ensure that people convert into becoming shoppers, you have to make sure that certain flaws are not committed to your website.

You do not correct error pages

There are just too many instances related to 404 errors and pages not being found by visitors. When a certain product is not available, make sure that you have a certain message that clearly states that the product is not available or that it is out of stock. Just making the page blank after someone purchases it is a sure way to drive away other customers, who feel that your website only has error pages.

Your website is slow

One of the main reasons people do not buy what they want online is because you are giving them a lot of time to think; and when customers have a lot of time to think, they usually prefer not to spend. They might regret not buying your awesome product later on but they still won’t feel the need to come back to your website. Make sure that you do not bore them into closing the page because your website is too slow. Hire a web professional to get your website up and running.

Your website looks terrible

Even in 2014, people run websites that look like they were built in 1999. A website that does not look attractive enough will not be well-received and people will simply not want to go through the process of staring at unpleasant images & text, which ultimately reduce conversion rates. Make sure that your e-commerce website looks great, contemporary and attractive. If need be, hire a professional web designer.

You don’t correct grammatical errors

When customers notice that there are too many typos, grammatical errors and sentences that look awkward, they will have a negative impression about you and your products, That leads to a situation where they will view your products as if they are inferior. This again reduces conversion rates. Make sure that you are simply not driving away people because you chose not to correct grammatical errors. Hire an editor when you can and get your copy edited.

Your product pictures are not attractive enough

One of the most important cues for shoppers is visual in nature. If products are attractive to look at, they will be tempted to buy. On websites, one solely depends on images and videos. Thus, your products should be presented in a very professional and attractive manner. If you do not present your own products attractively, no one will purchase them. Make sure that you hire professional photographers to take pictures of your products and upload only the ones that look the most attractive.

All these tips should help you to ensure that your website does not have glaring flaws. These flaws can greatly reduce the chances of your website being successful and reduce the conversion rates. It is, thus, imperative that you take care not to repeat mistakes that others have committed. Try and follow the tips above and you might begin to see your conversion rate increase. It is not a difficult task to get a website that does not have flaws. If you feel your website needs a revamp, you could contact one of our web professionals.

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