Why Clarity and Impeccability Is Important In Web Collateral

Why Clarity and Impeccability Is Important In Web Collateral

By Mainak Biswas November 18, 2013 - 978 views

Any correspondence or content that is used by a company to promote itself in its marketing endeavor constitutes web collateral. It is mainly used in organized businesses and those that have a large capital involved. Though it is completely at the business owner’s discretion whether they want to incorporate it aggressively in their marketing strategy, any business can opt for it provided they have a considerable wherewithal.

Businesses need to be organized

Regardless of their stature in the business world, every business has to be sure-footed by using such marketing strategies that involve web collateral. Ignoring such valued strategies can mean that such a company makes slow progress and often exhibits a stunted growth. This is the last thing that every business owner wants and tries every trick in the book to avoid such a situation.

Guidelines for developing web collateral

Here are a few points that every business has to follow to develop web collateral:

1. Have a target audience in mind

Preconceive a target audience in mind as to which kind of people you want to reach and arrive at a specific web collateral tailor-made for them. The people targeted can belong to diverse sections of the society: from different race; a different background; hitherto unexplored occupations and professions; people from different age groups; very contrasting cultures; from different time zones across the globe and so on.

The diverse the audience is there are more chances of your business being benefited because of the large scope for conversions. The content written for specific audiences can generate many leads and more leads mean there are great chances of them converting into a customer. Also the content should be able to lure these prospective customers with attractive language. Professional writers should be hired to strike the right chord with specific people.

2. Set high goals

Having high goals and not necessarily unrealistic ones means that your desire for a huge amount of customers is never extinguished. These lofty goals can mean that the people involved in sales are always motivated and on-the-go. A number of model salesmen can be chosen who have garnered a large number of leads to motivate the less endowed people within the group. These steps can ensure that the web collateral is up-to-the-mark and sellable.

3. Proofread it several times

Web collateral must be proofread several times and one must ensure that it is safe from typographical errors, grammar mistakes and punctuation errors. If the target audience gets a whiff of incompetency and unprofessionalism, there are high chances of them not taking the business seriously. This means all the efforts put in to accomplish lofty goals surely go down the drain. Also there is a need to generate sufficient ROI by luring customers and achieving the whole purpose of the web collateral.

4. Market aggressively

The web collateral should be marketed aggressively so as to reach every nook and cranny in the far reaches of the globe. Every medium that is helpful to sales activity such as the televised media, popular websites, social media, print media- all of these have to be entertained so as to gain a wide response from the specific people targeted.

5. Write awesome copy

Last but not the least, the most important part of your web collateral is what is written in it. If you cannot write yourself, hire the best writers and outsourcing agencies possible in order to get your web collateral written. Whether it is a whitepaper, website content, blog posts, articles, e-brochures or just about anything that goes under the umbrella of web collateral, ensure that qualified copywriters are given the tasks. Once the writing is over, get it edited by professional copywriters as even a single mistake or typographical error can spell doom to the success of your business story. A good corporate branding agency will always have enough copywriters and copyeditors on its payroll and you could always ask for previous examples of work taken up by the agency.

Case study: Why personal experiences may not stand up to the rigor of web standards

This is the opportune moment to share with you what a lack of decorum in the business world can do to one’s future prospects. Here follows a story of a known person who bore the brunt of not being organized enough to handle the cut-throat competition prevalent in this world. You’ll learn how he was subjected to cat calls when he couldn’t deliver what he once promised, ambitiously.

Mr. X was born in a war-torn country, which seemingly had no future for its children. There was no place in this country that was safe for kids. Nobody could promise these little ones with a bright future and a quality upbringing, as the rebels and the government left no stone unturned to recruit kids in their warring endeavor.

Even the recently-weaned young ones were kidnapped to imbibe in them a sense of ill-will against the government so that they could harden their hearts and be ready for retribution. These young minds were polluted and were manipulated to take up arms against the present regime. This was the story in every household around the vicinity of Mr. X’s house.

Even amid this condition, Mr. X’s mother raised him, shielded from the harsh world, was and helped him grow in stature and wisdom. Tragedy struck when he was caught in an exchange of fire. A grenade lobbed from a distance landed right near his feet. His reflexes did not work at that moment and he was frozen where he stood.

Though he lost a leg in this incident, it did not impede him in any way to reach his goal. Soon after completing his formal education, he ambitiously set up a business that raked up huge profits.

He became more ambitious and planned to expand the horizons of his business. Being besotted with these expansion plans, he sent a number of proposals to companies far and wide in a hope to garner a good number of acquaintances to develop his business. But, this was not to be and many businesses rejected his overtures. This rejection was mainly because of his haphazard approach towards the formulation and implementation of business strategies.

Though he made a number of attempts to forge ties with them, they nonchalantly disposed off his lofty thoughts. This was true to all his web collaterals. He would not proofread these texts and just a glance over them would reveal a lot of typographical errors, grammar mistakes and the like. Moreover, his website lacked an aesthetic appeal or a professional feel.

Importance of being organized

As one can infer from this story, a lack of organized approach served as an impediment to the success of this person’s expansion plans. This is true and going global is not a joke. A well-organized structure is very much essential to further a business. Though this can mean a considerable amount of investment, a bit of aesthetic appeal and clear copy can do wonders to any business.

Laxity towards being organized can bring many a strong business down to its knees. The subject in the above story never lacked any good thing in his life in terms of grit, determination, resolve or character- what he lacked was openness to new ideas and strategies, which, in here was the way he mismanaged the handling of his web collateral.

A careful introspection into the impediments that did not allow his business to expand and flourish would ease the situation and help open new avenues for him. Instead of doing this, he hardened his heart and the efforts pitched were in vain and they did not deliver.


Businesses need to be competent and must always be at their best to impress clients, customers and consumers. A business that is always on its toes can generate a huge turnover and the people involved in it should also be very eager to learn and adapt to changing conditions. A competent business atmosphere can mean a healthy profit to the owner.

Even small businesses need to be organized and open to expand their horizons. This makes it all the more necessary for small businesses to consider employing many strategies and generating web collateral that is competent enough. Finally, there is nothing more important than impeccable writing and attractive copy when it comes to the success of your web collateral.


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