Facebook Updates Pages with Shopping and Service Sections
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Facebook Updates Pages with Shopping and Service Sections

By Mainak Biswas September 23, 2015 - 2,760 views

Facebook has done it again. This time it has made much easier for brands to display their products and services on their Facebook Page.  Facebook has introduced two new sections – “Shopping and Services” to make your Facebook Page more complete than ever. Businesses can not only feature their merchandise directly on Facebook but also can offer their services.

“Shopping and Service” On Facebook Page

This is indeed a great opportunity for businesses to transform their Facebook Pages into online shop, inviting and engaging more target audiences’. Market experts predict that these sections will be a super-hit in an instant. “Shopping” will allow users to convert into customers on the page and assures a bump in ROI and an increase in sales. While the “Services” section is set to allow brands to showcase exactly what they can do for prospective clients and customers. When brands can highlight their credentials and detail of what they offers, lead generation from an active Facebook community are set to amplify drastically.

Facebook Partnered with Shopify

The company has already partnered with eCommerce service Shopify, to help merchants who use Shopify’s service to sell their products directly in the ‘Shop’ section on Facebook Page.  Clicks on the products will take the users either to the Store’s website or let them check out directly on Facebook. The transaction tracking and payment processing will be managed by Shopify. This is one of the ways Facebook is making itself into a kind of online mall.

Our goal is to make it easy to sell products where the customers are,” says Shopify’s director of product, Satish Kanwar, “and increasingly that’s on mobile.”

Some More Updates

The company is also allowing Page administrators more control over how they interact with their target audience through Facebook. Besides, the administrators can also respond to the common questions through a “Saved reply” option while the “Reply Privately” feature allows them to make private replies to public comments. The company says, these new sections and more call-to-action options will make Facebook the ultimate place to shop online and survey for services.

 Company’s Mission

Facebook emphasized that no matter if you’re a non-profit organization, a cake shop or a big brand, your Facebook Page should hold the relevant information people are looking for. It believes that certainly this will enable better communication with the customers and support business goals. The updates are meant to customize companies’ Facebook presence based on the type of businesses they are in.

For Facebook, shopping is just another thing you do in the real world. Facebook doesn’t just want to be your friend. It wishes to become your world.

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