Why You Must Engage in Avant-garde Web Design Techniques
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Why You Must Engage in Avant-garde Web Design Techniques

By Mainak Biswas April 04, 2014 - 1,221 views

A number of people often wonder if websites need to be designed in a cookie-cutter manner, without much room for creativity. The answer is clearly ‘no’. However, a lot fop people still continue to develop and create websites that are ordinary, boring and even plain redundant. When websites lack creativity and when there isn’t a lot of novelty in a website’s approach, it becomes very boring.

If the website is intended to provide creative, artistic or stylistic value, it better be ‘avant-garde’. The term avant-garde is usually used in the field of art and design & thus, should not be too far from web designing. Web designing is all about creativity, design and to a large extent, art. When people realize this basic structure of web design as a subject, they will begin to see it more as an art than science. In this article, let us take a look at how website can be avant-garde and why it is important. Before that, we need to understand the history of the avant-garde movement and the way it has continued to influence in a number of areas.

History of avant-garde movement

“Avant-garde” is a French word that literally means front guard. It is usually used to denote a sense of experimental, novel or alternative, especially, in terms of art and culture. The avant-garde movement tries to push the boundaries of what is the norm. The movement officially took place at the Salon des Refuses de Paris on May 17, 1867. Avant-garde is thought to be elitist but it really isn’t. It might promote radical social reforms and comes with a manifesto of its own. It has often been described as art of the sake of art. In web design, we can say that avant-garde websites are those that are designed for the sake of websites themselves!

Here are some tips and tricks to be avant-garde when you build websites:

Push the boundaries of web design theory

When designing websites, do not succumb to the traditions and conventions. Instead, try to push the boundary and try to shock your own sensibilities. You might not want to take this as the final website but it can always become a way to stimulate creativity. Pushing the boundaries of design ideas also helps you to be more creative and different from others. Chances are, your client will appreciate you for your creativity and for being avant-garde as well.

Do not be an elitist

While being avant-garde is cool, it is not the same as being an elitist. Do not attempt to create websites that confuse visitors and leave them feeling that they have encountered a website that is ‘beyond them’. Instead, try to think from the perspective of the visitor and how you can give them a novel experience of using a website.

Promote web design reforms

Do not succumb to written codes and rules of web design theory. Instead, breathe a fresh breath of life in to the profession of web design by creating something new. Promote reforms within the profession and always try to look for ways that can help web designing profession to change. Do not follow but try to change the norms and lead other web designers into following you.

Create websites for the sake of websites

Avant-garde has often been described as art for the sake of art. Likewise, create websites not to please your customer but for the sake of web designing profession. Make it your passion and create websites that will be used as models by others. Ensure that you are not succumbing to norms and styles that others have perpetuated. Think out of the box and try to lead others.

Avant-garde has often been described as the last refuge of the intellectual. Likewise, if you would like to create websites that will be respected for a long time, read up the theory of avant-garde and try to lead the way instead of following. Most importantly, do not try to be an elitist or create websites that make you look pretentious. That is not the idea of being avant-garde. Instead, try to be creative, think in novel ways and create something that will be appreciated by your peers and clients.

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