Outsourcing Service with Identity and Dignity
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Outsourcing Service with Identity and Dignity

By Mainak Biswas February 27, 2008 - 717 views

Over years, I have come across several Indian companies which would force its employees to interact with their overseas clients under pseudo-names. They fake the name to make their customers feel that they are dealing with someone close to home and hide the fact from the end consumers that the work has been outsourced to an Indian company. Sometimes pseudo-names are also used to hide the change of guard that takes place due to high attrition (very common in Indian IT industry).

I hope our customers know, but I thought it is good to make it explicit that Indus Net Technologies never ask its employees to work with pseudo-name.

We feel:

  • It is depressing to live a pseudo life with a different identity that your own.
  • Businesses are based on personal relationship. Name/identity are the ways we relate to each other. If anyone uses a fake name, the relationship cannot stand.
  • It is a tactic to misguide customers.

And we will never do it.

We are proud to be Indians and equally proud to serve companies and people from different cultures / countries around the world.

Globalization does not mean – loosing out your own identity! It is all about embracing the world and doing business considering the entire world as your playing field.

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