Social Media Metrics That Actually Matters
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Social Media Metrics That Actually Matters

By Mainak Biswas July 05, 2013 - 1,215 views

Social media is the hottest and widely discussed topic in the entire globe right now. Worldwide growth of Facebook is increasing rapidly where USA stand 1st followed by Brazil 2nd and India is in 3rd rank. Samsung became the most successful brand in Twitter, Coca-cola in Facebook. 

That magic was not happened overnight. It is really important to know now; what tools or statistics is really working behind that revolution, globally taken place. 

There are some extremely important metrics working behind those success factors that really matter for the social media marketers. A few are here to be noticed with all your attention:

Like vs. Unlike:

A simple ‘thumbs up’ symbol, known as ‘Facebook like Button’, has changed the world forever. It is good to have huge number of Facebook likes, even better to build up a well defined ‘Fan base’ in your brand page. Once you have it all, you have to make your Facebook page more active and informative to keep your page like towards a increasing graph, otherwise your fans are wise enough to find the unlike button, once they will get bored.

Engagement factors:

Right now approximately 1.11 billion people live in a manmade virtual world, called Facebook, they share, they like, they comment, they poke, they do it all in that virtual world, with their Facebook friends, so give them some social element every time to engage themselves with you, your brand name. Reply when they comment, thank when they participate with the social activities done by you. 

High resolution images:

Images really count on when you are talking about sharing factors or virality in social media, If your business deals with fashion garment or dark chocolate no doubt everyone is going to like and share the image, what if when your business deals with HTML/CSS ? Simply keep your updated information in a catchy template backed by awesome graphic design to drive the attention of your audience.

Frequency of posting:

If your friend messages daily you really feel good, if he messages you 1000 of times daily you are surely going to block him. Just like that post engaging content, images, videos daily on your timeline once or twice or thrice but not more than that. Keep a time gap of 3-4 hours between each posting otherwise it feels annoying.

Reach vs engagement:

Keep your eyes open to make your social media activities reach throughout your desired location, group and interests. Also be sure that atleast 20% of your total reach is converting into engaged user in your social media page. It is better to target 100 people interested on you than to target 2000 people who are not interested to get engaged with your business.

Building Relationship:

Make a fan base on social media who will get friendly with you, comment on your every content, shares images, likes whatever you do, appreciate their activities or they will leave you. Never forget to thank your participants.


Your fans always have a good bunch of friends and a better bunch of jealous competitors; convert them into your audience, go viral by creating something new everyday. It really counts on.

Handle Negative Feedback:

Handle the objection tactfully to convert the social threat into brand opportunity. Always listen to your audience, find out problem, solve it soon

Manage your social campaign:

You can run ads on social media to promote your business online, yet there should be clarity of communication between you and your target audience. Manage your ad campaign and Precise your targeting when you are running your ads, as you cannot sale Chicken Hotdog to a vegetarian.

Treat audience as princes

The old marketing theory says customer is the king; new one should be Customer is like princes. They need to be appreciated of whatever they do. Facebook contest can help a lot to appreciate their participation and they can be pampered well by winning attractive prizes from contest.

Social Apps:

Have you Noticed, your kids always likes to visit someone else’s home next time when they offer colorful Toys and video games happily. Your audience is also like that, offer them beautiful image apps like ‘Photo Mash Up’, crossword etc they will go crazy and always be connected with you. So always listen to your customer happily with a smile.

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