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Top Tech News; 18 October 2016

By Abhishek Rungta October 18, 2016 - 824 views


  1. Skype’s Linux App Gets Video Calling

If you are the kind of person who disavows proprietary operating systems and encourages open source OS, then Linux might probably be what you’re using. Skype’s all-new app also features video-calling in its recent update. This will come as a relief to Linux users. #app

  1. Vimeo Features Video Loops on User Profiles

Vimeo is not only used by video content creators but also by digital marketing departments. Vimeo has now announced fresh updates to users’ profile pages, one of which is the ability to choose a cover video that loops silently on top on the profile page. This could be great for video content marketing campaigns. #digital

  1. Google’s Travel App Tells You When to Book Cheap Flights and Rooms

Google’s travel app now allows you to check when the best time to book cheap hotel rooms and flight tickers is. This new feature is expected to help millions of people who are expected to travel this holiday season. The update also lets you check for alternative routes at cheaper prices. #app

  1. Google’s AI Platform Can Now Learn from Its Own Memory

Differential Neural Computer (DNC), Alphabet’s hybrid system, uses existing data storage capacity to pair with smart AI. What this really means is, Google’s AI platform can now learn from its own memory, with no human input, just like humans learn. AI is becoming quite intimidating already, probably? #ai

  1. Publish Your Win32 App on Windows Store Now

If you were wondering if you can ever publish your Win32 apps on the Windows Store, you can now heave a sigh of relief. Microsoft is now accepting submissions for ported apps to be published on the Windows Store. Evernote is one of the first Win32 apps to be ported. Would you be the next? #developer

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