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Top Tech News from Indus Net Technologies

By Abhishek Rungta September 15, 2016 - 818 views
  1. LinkedIn Ducks Data With Lite

To counter patchy data networks in India, LinkedIn is set to launch LinkedIn Lite, a lighter version that uses bare minimum data while browsing on mobile. This move certainly helps those with a slow Internet connection to join the world’s largest business network service. Also launched LinkedIn Placements and LinkedIn Starter Pack.  #mobile #social

  1. Chess Fans Couldn’t Have Asked For More

Ever thought of watching a live sports event that takes you close enough to the player’s perspective, that too sitting at home? Well, now you can. Watch the upcoming World Chess Championship in a fully immersive 360 degree mode. Want to know how? #vr

  1. Google’s AI Speech More Real Than Humans’

You won’t believe your ears after hearing this robot speak.  Google’s new AI program WaveNet can synthesize human-like voice without any assistance. Soon you’ll be conversing naturally with your robot friend. Still can’t fathom it? Hear it for yourself. #ai 

  1. No More Constraints on Tweet Length

From next week onwards, Twitter will not count attachments including pictures, GIFs and videos, as well as quoted tweets usernames as part of the 140 character-limit. Let your creative forces flow freely through longer tweets. But yes, there’s a small catch here. #social

 5. Instagram Cracks The Whip on Trolls

Taking the bully by its horns, Instagram enables you to keep trolls at an arm’s length. You can automatically filter inappropriate content from your comments feed.  There’s a lot more you can do to steer clear of hobgoblins.  #social


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