What Are Smart Contracts On Blockchain?

What Are Smart Contracts On Blockchain?

By Rajarshi December 22, 2022 - 110 views

Blockchain has been a veritable game-changer for the world at large. It is definitely a big part of the future, ushering technology into a more evolved sphere from a functional perspective. 

Smart contracts in blockchain are a subject of interest today, with varied applications across the industry spectrum. Here’s learning more about the same. 

What Is A Smart Contract? 

The basic smart contract meaning is a program which is stored on the blockchain and which runs whenever any predetermined terms and conditions are fulfilled. 

Smart contracts blockchain is mostly used for the automation of executing agreements, ensuring that all stakeholders are sure of the final outcome, without the loss of time or involvement of any intermediary. 

They may also get their workflow automated, thereby spurring the next process or stage, whenever the conditions are fulfilled. 

How Does A Smart Contract Work?

There are several types of smart contracts and numerous smart contract platforms as well. However, the basic working mechanism should be understood carefully by organizations. 

They follow the basic then, if, or when framework of statements which are made into code with the blockchain. A computer network implements actions to be taken, upon the fulfillment of the conditions which are predetermined and suitably verified as well. 

These may include the release of funds for suitable parties, and also vehicle registration, along with ticket issuing or dispatching notifications. The blockchain gets updated upon the transaction being completed. 

Hence, there can be no changes made to the transaction and only those parties with permission may view the results of the same. 

There may be several such regulations enclosed in smart contracts for assuring all participants about the outcome of any task. They should also work out how the data and transactions have representation on their blockchain, while assenting to the regulations of if, then, when, and so on. 

Benefits Of Using It 

Here are some of the advantages offered by smart contracts in the blockchain: 

  • Immediate contract implementation upon the fulfillment of the condition. 
  • Automated and digital contracts, without unnecessary paperwork, processing and time lags in error reconciliation. 
  • Zero involvement of third parties and shared encrypted transaction records throughout the stakeholder pool. 
  • No alteration of information for any personal gain. 
  • Higher security with blockchain encryption, with every record linking to earlier ones on the distributed ledger. 
  • No need for intermediary handling of transactions, fees, and associated delays. 


Smart contracts in blockchain have witnessed diverse applications across industries. For instance, enhancing the transparency of medical supply chains is something that many companies are working on. 

There are blockchain platforms which are enabling the tracking of medicines throughout these supply chains, for ensuring more accurate and reliable outcomes and data across numerous stakeholders. 

These contracts are being used by retail brands like Home Depot for the swift resolution of vendor disputes. 

This is happening throughout the supply chain with real-time interactions and more visibility. Naturally, these contracts are also contributing towards boosting supplier relationships, leading to higher time for innovating, strategizing, and taking care of vital tasks at all ends. 

Blockchain contracts are also enabling a more transparent and secure ecosystem for global finance and trading. 

Transactions are being carried out on the basis of standardized regulations and this lowers risks and disputes greatly, while contributing towards expanding the entire spectrum of opportunities for financial institutions and organizations.

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