Accelerating Business Growth: Harnessing the Benefits of Hashgraph-Association

Accelerating Business Growth: Harnessing the Benefits of Hashgraph-Association

By Rajarshi May 24, 2023 - 125 views

Accelerating business growth with decentralised networks and consensus algorithms is possible with the Hashgraph association. Enterprises require solutions like Hashgraph association for overcoming hurdles in terms of transforming themselves towards developing more Web 3.0 based use cases and using institutional solutions.

Some of these potential use cases include developing secure and flexible smart contracts, data privacy mechanisms, decentralised finance, real-time supply chain visibility, innovative loyalty programs, targeted and automated content creation, diverse usage of augmented reality, and a lot more.

Blockchain-based transactions and assets are fast becoming more effective ways of doing business for enterprises and this is where they require effective solutions like Hedera Hashgraph.

The Hashgraph association is a boon for enterprises in several ways, helping them find ways to explore solutions on Web 3.0.

More and more enterprise use cases can be accelerated for development and deployment alike, throughout a proven and efficient framework on the Hedera network. Companies can now build for the future with decentralised and more advanced applications.

Why Hashgraph Association?

Hedera is one of the most innovative and enterprise-grade public ledgers for a completely decentralised economy. It is also a sustainable solution for enterprises.

The Hashgraph Association is a non-profit and independent entity that focuses on developing a better ecosystem for enterprises, startups, and Government institutions worldwide, tapping Hedera Hashgraph capabilities for the design and development of decentralised applications and other solutions.

The network at Hedera is developed by a global community on the network that is governed by a council of top industry players including Avery Dennison, Chainlink, Boeing, DLA Piper, Deutsche Telekom, DBS Bank, LG Electronics, Tata Communications, Shinhan Bank, Nomura Holdings, Wipro, and University College London, among many others.

Here are some other points worth noting:

  • The Hedera network is the greenest and most sustainable public blockchain or DLT network currently. 
  • It offers stable and robust governance without any forking. There are fixed and low transaction fees along with real-time settlements and sustainable consumption of energy. 
  • There is a transparent and decentralised model of governance for higher reliability. 
  • Enterprises can accelerate network growth with the help of onboarding projects and deploying highly innovative applications, while simultaneously incentivising the community and drawing more talent. 
  • The Hashgraph association endeavors to boost the community environment, while scaling up the dynamics of the entire Hedera network. 
  • It also aims at scaling businesses with strategic partners and backing qualified members of the council, while enhancing its presence worldwide. 
  • The association also aims at funding professional training programs, while promoting innovations for benefiting the community and ecosystem.

The management team includes industry experts like Co-Founder & Co-CEO Mance Harmon who has previously served as the Head of Architecture and Labs at Pig Identity, while founding two technology start-ups.

Co-CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Leemon Baird is the inventor of the Hashgraph distributed consensus algorithm and the co-founder at Hedera. He has more than 20 years of experience in the technology and startup space, while having been a Professor of Computer Science at the US Air Force Academy and founding multiple startups.

A little more about the Hedera Hashgraph Association

The Hashgraph association offers grant funding to start-ups, enterprises, and Government programs for developing and executing solutions powered by Hedera.

At the same time, there are HBAR grants and other venture development programs for helping create projects with future potential through the Hedera network. The association also assumes the role of a co-investor in big-ticket projects, while empowering enterprises for competing in the digital assets and decentralised finance segment throughout various business areas.

There is also an initiative to reach out to Government organisations and backing national blockchain-related initiatives for the promotion of the higher adoption of DLT solutions and contributions towards economic growth.

The Hashgraph Innovation Program taps the worldwide network while collaborating with trusted partners. There are ideation and professional training workshops for building the right perspectives required for competing and adapting in the decentralised economy.

Other initiatives include design-thinking and modelling proof-of-concepts based on several use cases as explored through the ideation workshops.

The Hashgraph association also looks into the development of MVPs or minimum viable products along with integrating Hedera-backed solutions into enterprises.

Hence, businesses can benefit greatly from the Hashgraph association with regard to turbocharging and accelerating future growth in a decentralised economy with robust solutions and support with easy implementation throughout the ecosystem.

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