Understanding Dynamic Cloud and Its Future
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Understanding Dynamic Cloud and Its Future

By Mainak Biswas March 23, 2015 - 1,344 views

Even as we struggle to understand what cloud is, there is already a new term that has been doing rounds – dynamic cloud. What could dynamic cloud be and how could it be different from the regular cloud computing that many people are still trying to understand? It turns out, dynamic cloud is really dynamic. It is the way things are going to be and the way we shall use software, hardware, cloud and even business processes on the cloud. It is a flexible, adaptable and scalable model that will outlive most of the other models that we are seeing currently.

Dynamic cloud is not really a hybrid model of cloud computing but something that is unique. It is the freedom that a company or organization will have to use any application on any platform to do any given job without having to worry about different businesses and technological ramifications. In fact, dynamic cloud has almost become a revolution of sorts. It has helped businesses to become more agile and the ones that are at the forefront of innovations have already embraced the concept of dynamic cloud.

In short, we can describe dynamic cloud as a barrierless method of doing business and meet customer needs as soon as possible. With an enormous opportunity to use software, infrastructure, platform and human resources as & when we want, dynamic cloud presents a new paradigm shift that was long-awaited. In this article, let us take a look at some of the most important characteristics of dynamic cloud, with its future in context. We shall look at dynamic cloud as if we were looking at our own futures, in the near and the distant future.


We are at the forefront of something that is changing dramatically. Even as we try to understand cloud computing and try to sell it to our clients in the easiest baby-speak possible, we ourselves are confronted with the changes that the juggernaut of technology presents with. Technology is changing so fast and the world in which we live in is changing even faster that we have to innovate or perish, to use a cliché. Innovation and coming up with newer ideas to solve existing problems have always been the focus of science and technology.

With dynamic cloud, this involves fixing existing loopholes within cloud computing and searching for deeper meaning, as it were. This means, understanding how cloud could grow, how we could bring cloud computing to the most difficult of customers, how to provide a seamless experience to our customers and clients when they begin to use our applications & last but not the least, how to innovate when it comes to using information technology. The spirit of innovation will be central to cloud computing and dynamic cloud in general.


When we speak about integration, we speak about various technologies, software programs and methods that can be integrated to form a hybrid solution. Integration happens at many levels. Today, it is happening at the platform level where cloud services are provided in a hybrid format. However, integration will have to go to a newer level. Integration of cloud services will have to be so deep-rooted that we need not be speaking about the cloud at all. It needs to be just the way we do business and the way we run our applications. We are moving towards a reality where all this is going to happen, including integrating cloud computing at the most structural and basic level.

This might take time but dynamic cloud is all about waiting for those changes and paradigm shifts to take place. Sooner or later, cloud integration will take place at the very basic level. This top-down approach is what we, usually, see in most new technologies and cloud computing is not an exception. It will be interesting to see how cloud computing will be integrated at a structural level so that it can become truly dynamic.


While our societies have fragmented and we are moving away from cooperation, the cloud is getting evermore cooperative. The cloud has become so cooperative that it is offering new platforms for both proprietary and open source developers to come together. Both these often-differing communities are now learning to learn from each other. Companies that are rivals often share the same cloud space and sometimes, even learn from each other. Software programs that are debated for and against are used by both the proponents & the critics.

Thus, we are seeing cooperation at every level even as our societies are becoming fragmented. The kind of cooperation that we are about to witness on the dynamic cloud is going to be phenomenal. It is going to be even more rooted in the concepts of helping thy neighbor and learning from your community members. This means, while businesses compete with each other, the dynamic cloud will also open up space to new cooperation, collaborations, partnerships and boost existing relationships. This might come at the business, technical or human-human level.


The dynamic cloud is one that will be based on experimentation. The cloud will be a place where companies will experiment with technologies, ideas, methods, structures and strategies. Each of these experiments will be replicated, if found successful. This might involve using a lesser known software app on a platform that is not really the usual choice. If this works, they will learn from the original experiment and be open to more adventurous ideas. In software development and cloud computing, this sort of experimentation is required.

This is similar to using metformin, an anti-diabetes drug, for halting the ageing process or to increase longevity. Pharmaceutical companies have begun to toy with the idea of using an existing drug for a health issue for which it still hasn’t been experimented upon. Similarly, we might begin to use software, platform and infrastructural remedies for issues that we didn’t know could be treated with existing methods. Experimentations might go wrong but they are required to remain scientific and philosophical.


Charles Darwin was the one who said if we don’t adapt and evolve, we need to perish. The dynamic cloud will provide the impetus for all those businesses, which are yet to move away from legacy systems. If the businesses do not learn to adapt to the juggernaut of cloud computing, they will eventually perish. We do not live on technological islands and it is not possible to do business the way we used to. It has become very important to seek cloud services in order to reduce expenditure, access technology that is otherwise inaccessible, learn new ideas and techniques and quite simply, just be adaptable.

The dynamic cloud will help those who are adaptable to succeed and thus, remove organization and companies from businesses, which refuse to adapt. This will eventually help our clients and customers who need services & products as soon as possible in an efficient and friendly manner. At the end of the day, that is what dynamic cloud is all about – Making businesses more adaptable to technical challenges and prepare them to provide products and services in an efficient manner.

Looking ahead, what is the future of the dynamic cloud?

The future of the dynamic cloud is a concept that is erroneous. Instead, we need to look at the dynamic cloud as the future. As mentioned earlier, we do not live on technological islands. We need to coexist with companies, with technologies, with people, with those who lend and borrow money from us, with our customers, with new software programs & with a lot of other things that is necessary to keep a business functioning. It turns out, in the future, all these different entities will use cloud in some form or the other.

The future of dynamic cloud will reflect this choice, freedom, cooperation and flexibility. In the future, we will be able to use any software program that we want on any platform, without having to worry about the ramifications. This might sound too idealistic but the reality is that it has already begun to take place and it is called the dynamic cloud.

The future of this dynamic cloud will be that it will grow further, encourage more innovation and flexibility at the structural level & bring in more users to the cloud computing ecosystem. To be really honest, the future never looked this bright and things are only going to get better & busier in the realm of the cloud.

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